9 Things you should never do when buying timeshare in Mexico

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There are so many laws and guidelines in place to protect consumers these days that timeshare scams are pretty rare. Nevertheless, here are 9 things you should never do when buying a timeshare in Mexico to keep you happy and safe from a scam.


1 – Don’t go to multiple presentations just for the gifts
If you are truly not interested in buying a timeshare and are working the timeshare circuit for the free gifts, then you should think twice. There is a name for people doing this in the industry; they are called “strokers.” Nowadays, guests attending timeshare presentations are interviewed carefully to make sure that they have not been offered more than the usual incentives to attend a timeshare. If you are found out, you will lose any benefits and discounts that were offered to you.

2 – Don’t Lie about your Finances
It is best to be honest about your income and outgoings, otherwise the timeshare seller may over pitch you a unit you simply can’t afford and later you will suffer to keep up your payments.

3 – Never sign your contract before reading it
Sounds like common sense, but you will be surprised by the number of people who sign their timeshare contract without reading all the details. Timeshare is best when you know how to get the most from it, so read your contract carefully.

4 – Don’t purchase a timeshare from photos
Unless you are at a reputable resort and they are promoting a future venture in another location, beware any timeshare promoter who wants you to sign a contract on a property you have not seen. In fact, the warning bells should start to ring if you are not taken to the actual resort where you are planning to buy and you are purchasing from photographs.

5 – Don’t say you have a credit card if you don’t have one
Most timeshare presentations will require that you have a valid credit card, and as such, your free gifts will become invalid if you do not have a recognized credit card when you said that you had one.

6 – Don’t cancel your presentation appointment
If you fail to attend your timeshare appointment, then any discounts or promotions will become invalid and you will be charged the full price.

7 – Avoid timeshare promoters who don’t have an official badge
If you are approached by a timeshare promoter who does not have official identification for the company he or she is promoting, be very wary.

8 – Try not to buy the lowest value timeshare
While it is important not to buy over your means and put yourself into debt that you cannot afford, try not to buy the cheapest entry level timeshare at a resort. You will find that your benefits become exponential the more you spend and you will find it much easier to make reservations because the cheaper timeshares are the most popular and in demand.

9 – Don’t let the timeshare promoter take you to another hotel
If you have agreed to attend a timeshare presentation at a particular resort, let’s say Resort X, and then on the day of your presentation, you are taken to a completely different resort, Resort Y, you should refuse and report the promoter to the original timeshare resort where you were intending to visit. This is a sign that you could be walking into a scam.

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