A Good Excuse to Visit Puerto Vallarta – Restaurant Week

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Food connoisseurs from around the globe will be coming to Puerto Vallarta between May 14 – May 31st for the 11th installment of the ever-popular Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week. This 17-day festival will feature a wide selection of dishes from Puerto Vallarta’s and Riviera Nayarit’s favorite restaurants. Your taste buds are sure to have a wild adventure as you explore new flavors and food combinations you may not have gotten a chance to explore if you had to go locate these restaurants on your own.

Vallarta Lifestyle Restaurant Week
The festival now known as Vallarta Lifestyle Restaurant Week got its debut in 2005 when the city was trying to find an efficient way to motivate tourists and locals to sample foods from restaurants all over the town. The festival was an apparent success, and each year after that, the event has taken place with the incentive of offering gourmet cuisine at reduced menu prices to allow customers to sample a variety of foods at an economical price. Now countless restaurants known for their fine dining set up shop and display their top dishes at prices that are close to half the actual price. During the event, you can get full meals and even desserts for as little as $199 or $299 pesos.

Vallarta Lifestyle Restaurant Week is the perfect excuse to get away with your lover, your family, or your friends so you can have a great meal at places you have been wanting to try for a long time. Thanks to the discount prices, you will find yourself being able to afford going to different restaurant showcases to sample more food. This way, you get to sample all the most popular places in Puerto Vallarta without having to actually travel to them all.

Many gourmet lovers love to visit Puerto Vallarta this time of year so they can get an opportunity to sample some of the most elegant morsels you can find around the globe at remarkable prices.

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