Advice for Vacations When a Hurricane is Announced

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A hurricane is one of the most feared natural disasters when planning a vacation in the area of the Caribbean. It’s known to cause widespread damage to properties and worse, even death to humans. You should keep this in mind when planning to have that great tropical vacation.

The off season is the best time to have that vacation. You can fully enjoy it, considering you can have more freedom of moving around with less people filling the place. Savings are on hand because the off season is the time for cheaper flights, rental rates and goods. That’s why travel experts highly recommend vacationing during the off season. However, you should take all precautionary measures for safety because it’s also the time when ravaging hurricanes are expected.


Budget conscious travelers are most likely to take advantage of these off season perks. However, it would not be a walk in the park for any vacationer because the threat of a hurricane has been always there. The off season coincides with the hurricane season, when this damage inflicting work of nature also comes for a visit.

Here is some useful advice for your vacation when a coming hurricane is announced.

1. Get information regarding cancellation options
This applies to resorts, flights and travel insurance. Those resorts and hotels situated in hurricane prone areas have given “hurricane guarantees” in the past to their vacationers. It can include a reimbursement for prepaid expenses when a hurricane arrives and you’re presently renting there. Today, most resorts don’t give such a benefit and it’s better for you to ask first for these hurricane guarantees before getting into a deal with them.

The same is true with airlines; they can allow you to re-book your flight when it seems impossible for them to fly you due to a hurricane.

2) Look for the best way to abandon your trip if you need to
It’s really unfortunate when you’re the middle of your vacation and here comes a hurricane stopping the fun. The next best thing to do is to find a convenient way of escaping it. Go through the context of your rental details and flight, so you can know the right actions to take. It can cut short a fabulous vacation, but what’s important is to survive the whole ordeal safely.

3. Get yourself good travel insurance
Good travel insurance can assure you will get back the money you paid beforehand in case your target vacation place is totally ruined because of a hurricane. It means not losing your budget which you can still use for an alternate or future vacation. Check the “cancel for any reason” option. This can let you get the whole amount of money as a form of refund in even the slightest of damage caused by nature’s wrath like a hurricane.

4. Plan for what can happen

A concrete plan must be made even before a threat of a hurricane comes. It can include:

• A simple travel medical portfolio for every vacationing member
• A basic travel medical kit that can give immediate medical treatment during emergencies.

Upon the announcement of a hurricane, you should find yourself a place to find safety. Keeping yourself away from any danger must be the first thought when a hurricane is broadcasted, and following the instructions of security staff at your hotel will be really imporatant.

5. The weather can signal an upcoming hurricane
When there’s an unexplained heavy downpour of rain or unusually high current or waves, be sure to get ready on your feet. These can be hurricanes manifesting in different forms. Stay updated with the current events and weather situations. You don’t want to be caught by surprise and reacting late as it can bring you in the center of a mad hurricane. The National Weather Service is a good source of timely information regarding what must be done to be completely safe from harm and danger.

6. Plan an alternative vacation in case of cancellation
No one can tell when a hurricane can strike but you usually have a few days notice to prepare. To keep you away from frustrations caused by a cancelled vacation, have an alternative plan of going to another place where there’s no record of any hurricane visit. You deserve a break and a much needed relaxing vacation.

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