Avoiding Timeshare Scams in Mexico

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Thanks to the hard work put in by the federal and local governments of Mexico the timeshare industry in this country is safer than ever! Of course, as you know, scammers will still seek to take advantage of any opportunity they can… this is why we have compiled this list of hints and tips!

We want you to find a genuine timeshare and make the most of it, so check out our hints and tips for avoiding timeshare scams in Mexico!


How to Avoid timeshare scams in Mexico

It can be really easy to avoid scams in Mexico… just follow these tips;

Buy timeshare from long standing companies in Mexico

If you only buy from timeshare providers with a long standing reputation for providing good deals and services, then you can be certain that you’re not being scammed.

No news is bad news

In relation to the last point, if you are tempted by a new provider be sure to do a google search for them. If you cannot find anything at all (even complaints) then you should be very wary. If nothing can be found for the company then it’s likely run by fly-by-night fraudsters and should be avoided at all costs! The worst timeshare scams in Mexico are usually carried out by companies with no paper trail.

Be very wary of expensive gifts

Be careful of expensive, “no strings” gifts that seem too good to be true; while it’s common practice to offer gifts and incentives to attend sales presentations, most timeshare providers offer discounts and coupons. Over the top gifts are often used to lure people into scams!

Don’t buy from the brochure

Don’t buy anything based on a sales pitch and a glossy photo; visit the property yourself and inspect the goods! Only buy a timeshare during pre-sale if you’re buying from a reputable, established, and well known company, and only when you’re in their sales room!

Sign the contract in a language you understand

Make sure your timeshare contract is in a language you can personally understand. Read it personally before you sign it!

Check for complaints

Check for complaints and reviews of the company you’re thinking of buying from, and remember to look at how they reply to reviews and resolve complaints. The timeshare company’s reaction tells you as much about them as a company as the initial review or complaint! Timeshare scammers in Mexico don’t usually have a complaints procedure.

Promises in Writing

One of the main complaints faced by even genuine timeshare providers regards promises not delivered; if your sales rep promises you something, make sure it is in the contract before you sign. If it’s not in the contract, it’s not legally binding. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have been involved in a timeshare scam in Mexico when you should read your contract carefully.


So, do you have any other tips for avoiding timeshare scams in Mexico? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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