What is one of your favorite things that you enjoy doing at your vacation home in paradise? Do you love just sitting back and relaxing while you get away from it all? Do you dream of laying on a comfy lounger by a beautiful infinity pool that has an amazing view of the ocean? Do you get excited knowing that you can go hiking or take part in water activities all while reveling in the area’s natural beauty? Everyone has their own dreams of what a great vacation is. On many people’s lists of favorite holiday activities is enjoying great restaurants when they are on vacation. Would you be interested in buying a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta? Or do you already have a Garza Blanca second home or vacation club membership? Continue to read below to learn more information about the best vacation club restaurants that are found onsite at the stunning Garza Blanca resort just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Gourmet Restaurants at Garza Blanca

Garza Blanca has gone above and beyond to provide what savvy luxury travellers are looking for when they are considering an investment with a vacation club in Mexico. Garza Blanca has the ultimate location, beautiful views, quality amenities, and luxuries. Puerto Vallarta has great restaurants that are just as good as the restaurants in bigger cities in Mexico, and actually many can compare with the best restaurants from around the world. Puerto Vallarta has numerous excellent gourmet restaurants in and around Banderas Bay, but convenience is always important as well. Just imagine how great it would be if you had access to some of the best restaurants in town right at your front door. Timeshare owners at Garza Blanca have amazing onsite restaurants, which include Bocados STK, Blanca Blue, and Aquazul. Blanca Blue offers fresh seafood dishes, which homeowners love, and Bocados STK is perfect for meat lovers as they have the juiciest ribeye and New York strip cuts in town. If you don’t want to leave the pool, then that’s okay, because Aquazul provides efficient and courtesy poolside service with a wonderful upscale snack bar style menu. Are you ready for a delicious margarita or fish tacos?

Now that you know about the excellent cuisine options at the onsite restaurants at Garza Blanca, there is even more great news for Garza Blanca timeshare owners. While going out to eat is always fun, who doesn’t love ordering room service occasionally where you can lay in bed in your comfortable pajamas and veg out? Just imagine if you were a timeshare member of a Puerto Vallarta vacation club that provides their members with first class room service onsite? It is possible at Garza Blanca because their timeshare members have full access to a first class room service. You can stay in bed and order breakfast, or stay in and order dinner and have a lazy evening at home. Garza Blanca first class room service will bring gourmet dishes right to your residence. You will feel like a rock star at your second home with this service that Garza Blanca provides. They also can deliver delicious desserts to you, too!

There is value having high quality fine dining restaurants on the property when you become a member at a Puerto Vallarta timeshare. Garza Blanca could be your second home in paradise where you can truly have it all. You will have access to the top restaurants and you don’t even have to leave the property. They even provide first class room service, so you can lay in bed and have fine cuisine delivered right to your front door. Could you ask for anything better? The best vacation club restaurants are at Garza Blanca.



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