Blacklist for Timeshare Companies

Blacklist for Timeshare Companies

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In the coming months we are hoping to share with our readers an overview of the “most wanted” timeshare companies that have been blacklisted for various reasons. These will be providers who can be considered scammers or fraudsters who seriously mislead consumers; we hope that the information will be useful in helping people to avoid being scammed.

Blacklisted timeshare companies

The kinds of timeshare companies which will make it onto our blacklist include those who offer cancellation services, fake rentals, and bogus resale offers (for both buyers and sellers), as well as those who actually sell fake timeshares.

Blacklisted timeshare cancellation companies

Any timeshare company which offers cancellation services are pretty much guarantees to be scammers and will feature on our blacklist. The reason that we can be so certain of this is you cannot simply cancel a timeshare contract unless you are within the recission period there is no way to simply cancel, and if you are then you do not need help to cancel. The offer may sound genuine, but cancellation companies and services are scams.

Fake rental services

Timeshare companies which promote fake rental services will also feature on our “blacklist” of untrustworthy companies. Usually these scammers will work on the basis of getting you to subscribe to their services, and once you hand over your money they cannot (very conveniently) rent out your weeks.

Bogus resale offers

Resale scams work in both directions, so to speak. On one hand you will find companies which will claim to have a timeshare for sale at a great price; you’ll get your hands on the timeshare only to find that you cannot use it because it is laden with debt, or because it never existed in the first place. On the other hand, even the happiest of timeshare owners has been tricked into selling their timeshare by scammers claiming to have an eager buyer on the hook. They will charge a “finder’s fee” in order to connect you with your buyer. Of course, at the last minute the buyer pulls out (scammed again!).

Do you have your own story about a timeshare company that should be blacklisted? If so please leave a comment.

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