Trading power is the name used by RCI international vacation club to describe the value given to timeshare weeks that are added to their inventory of properties. RCI is an extensive exchange network that allows members to swap their timeshare weeks for different destinations throughout the world as well as exchange dates. In order to classify the timeshare weeks that members wish to swap, trading power was introduced to standardize the process.

A timeshare week is given a value or trading power based on how it meets certain criteria. Trading power is therefore calculated depending on various elements such as the type and size of the unit, its location, the resort, the times of year when you have the week booked and so forth. This helps members to swap like for like timeshare weeks, banking any trading power that is not used in the exchange. For example, your timeshare week may be for a two bedroom luxury oceanfront suite in the Caribbean, and you want to exchange it for a one bedroom studio in Atlanta. This would not be a fair swap, therefore, the residual trading power can be banked for a future vacation.

There are ways in which you can maximize your trading power too such as depositing your timeshare week as early as possible. You can add your week up to two years in advance. With 9 months or less notice you gain no benefit on trading power. The other way to gain higher trading power is to upgrade your original timeshare with your operator or select premium weeks in your home resort. This will help raise your trading power score.

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