Choose Puerto Vallarta for your Honeymoon

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Though your honeymoon is not quite as big a deal as your wedding day, obviously, it’s still an important part of your transition from a couple to a married pair. The honeymoon should encompass everything that you wish to take forward with you in your married life. Love, romance, passion (three similar, but distinct things), commitment and fun should all be embodied in the things you do and see while on honeymoon. We can give you five reasons as to why you should choose Puerto Vallarta for your honeymoon destination.


1. La Crème de la Crème –
When you choose to stay in Puerto Vallarta you’re choosing to give you and your spouse the very best of the best that the Riviera Nayarit has to offer. The resorts here are some of the most luxurious and beautiful in Mexico and they’re commonly outfitted with world-class spas, fine restaurants, and even championship standard golf courses in some cases. Give your union the celebration it deserves; accept nothing but the very best of the best.

2. Romance is Always in the Air –
The romantic ambience of Puerto Vallarta is hard to describe accurately, but it, no doubt, has something to do with the heady mix of history, music, modernity and natural beauty that can be found within the city. Whether you’re lazing on the beach, strolling down a cobbled street, or sailing on the shimmering waves, looking back at the palm studded coastline, you won’t be able to resist the charm of the city. It’s a testament to Puerto Vallarta that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are rumoured to have fallen in love in the city.

3. The Best of Both Worlds –
While staying in Puerto Vallarta you’ll be able to live in the luxury of the modern era while experiencing the charm and nostalgia of old Mexico. You see while the hotel zone is very modern the downtown area is full of colonial architecture and cobbled streets that are almost too romantic to be real.

4. A Feast for Your Eyes –
No honeymoon would be really complete without beautiful surroundings to base it in, and the Riviera Nayarit doesn’t disappoint. Whether you want secluded coves which look out on to shimmering, crystalline waters or mountainous jungles that showcase the flora and fauna of the region you’ll be able to see just that. And, what’s more, you could even see it with a guide; there are plenty of jungle hikes and beach activities that will showcase the best of what Mother Nature has given Puerto Vallarta.

5. Amazing Moments for a Remarkable Honeymoon –
Your honeymoon should never be anything less than fun, and you’d have to try hard to avoid having fun in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you want a wild night out in a club, a romantic meal, a night cruise complete with fireworks, or a Spa day in a world-class Spa- Puerto Vallarta will be able to supply what you need.

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