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Investing in a timeshare is a big decision and definitely not one to be taken lightly, so it’s only understandable that you should want to do your research and find reviews. Finding independent customer reviews is probably one of the best ways to find out what a resort or company is really like. Here you will find a Club Caribe review and pointers about how to find more Club Caribe Reviews.

What is Club Caribe and how does it work?
Club Caribe is the name given to a Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare membership, e.g when you purchase a timeshare with the Villa del Palmar Cancun you become a member of Club Caribe. This means that you have bought a timeshare that allows you access to both Tafer Hotels & Resorts as well as Villa Group resorts’ inventory of vacation properties.

Club Caribe membership works with a points based system that is designed to give members the utmost freedom and flexibility. When you purchase your Club Caribe membership you are given a certain amount of points to use each year. These points can be used to cover pre-paid services such as spa treatments, meal plans, grocery packages and even in-suite butler or chef services. If you don’t need to spend all your points in one year, you can bank them for special occasions or, alternatively, you can borrow points to make a vacation particularly special.

What are the benefits of Club Caribe?
Club Caribe reviews shows that membership has many benefits, not the least of which is access to the unrivaled Villa del Palmar Cancun resort in Playa Mujeres and all it has to offer. When you purchase Club Caribe membership, Villa del Palmar becomes your home resort but you also gain access to affiliated resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and the Islands of Loreto. According to Club Caribe reviews, all of these resorts meet the high standards of Villa del Palmar Cancun and will welcome you with the service you are accustomed to in Cancun.

The gourmet cuisine, luxury spas, private beaches and bars available on these resorts may be the reason why Club Caribe reviews tend to have 90% of members rating their membership as very good to excellent!

Where can I look to find independent Club Caribe reviews?
TripAdvisor is generally the best place to find reviews of the specific resorts you may be staying at but for Club Caribe reviews that concern the memberships themselves you might try online timeshare forums. These forums are places where members get together to rate their experiences with certain providers.

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