Do you Really Need to Fly First Class for your Honeymoon

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Before deciding on flying first class on your honeymoon trip, think deeply about it first.  Sure it can give a good head start towards a fulfilling honeymoon experience, but will the cost be worth it.  We sometimes envy those people sitting on the front end of the plane and we would like to do the same.  Honeymooning can be that perfect time to indulge in first class flying, where you and your partner can have that comfort and privacy but do the costs and the benefits weigh up?

Let’s discuss a few things to help you make that decision of whether or not to pay the extra for those first class seats for your honeymoon:

1.  The Flight Distance Matters

Consider your destination before even thinking about first class air tickets.  Short distance travelling that takes 5 hours or less ends as fast as your blinking eyes.  Taking that trip either on an economy or first class seat hardly matters and the extra cost is perhaps not worth it.  Except for some additional space plus a free drink or two, there’s nothing that special except the hype and the status, although the waiting rooms are much nicer and you do get to board and leave the plane first. First class flying, however, makes most sense on long haul flights, as not only do you enjoy the benefits for longer, the airplanes that you are flying in tend to be newer, bigger and have a more sophisticated first class section. From the USA or Canada flying to Mexico or the Caribbean, for example, hardly seems worth it. However, if you are going to Asia or Europe with travelling time of about 10 hours, then you might consider it.

2. Choose the Best Airline

Flying on an airline which knows the word “first class” can make a big difference. Luxury airlines that are in the world’s top ten list like Air France or Singapore Air assure you that you get what you pay for. Many of the USA airlines do not have such a well developed first class provision, and first class is more like business class with a little extra foot room. What you are really looking for on your honeymoon are the first class sections that turn into private pods or individual beds.

3.  Think of the Cost

Did you know that jumping from economy to first class section in travelling from some key cities in North America cost a whopping extra $500- $1,500 dollars?  Yes, it’s really this much and think deeply if it will be well worth it.  This amount of money is enough for you to pay for a couple of nights in a plush hotel, or perhaps a day trip in an elegant yacht visiting stunning islands. In fact, it will be more than enough to pay for a soothing facial or a relaxing massage for two in a state-of- the-art spa facility.  There are thousands of ways for you and your spouse to spend that extra money which create truly worthwhile lasting memories.

4.  Look for the Best Planes

When you’re ready to part with your money as payment for first class seats, do some research beforehand about the quality of plane you’ll be boarding in.  You can ask agency staff for brochures or visit the airline’s website to have an idea of the luxuries that the type of plane has to offer.  Older planes probably won’t be equipped with the luxuries you are imagining, unlike those modern ones that have cabins that look like a well-furnished mini rooms of a 5 star hotel.  If you want a really big space, then look for airbus type of models instead of those smaller jet planes where you can feel more claustrophobic.   You deserve the utmost luxury for your hard earned money to celebrate your honeymoon.

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