Are you a Garza Blanca timeshare owner in Mexico? If so, then you should know the importance of making your payments regularly. When a person decides to join a timeshare vacation club, they have to sign a membership owner contract. The contract contains details on how much you need to pay and when it is due. Negative consequences will occur if you don’t uphold your financial obligations regarding your timeshare payments. Plus, you will no longer be able to enjoy Garza Blanca vacations where you and your family spend amazing moments together. Continue to read below to learn why you shouldn’t default on your Garza Blanca timeshare. 

Don’t Default on Your Garza Blanca Timeshare

When you purchase a Garza Blanca timeshare in Mexico, you are obligated to make your payments via a financial contract that is 100% legal. If any timeshare member doesn’t uphold their responsibilities, then they will not be able to use their vacation unit at Garza Blanca. Existing members decide to buy a timeshare because they wanted to have amazing vacations making memories with their family members and friends. However, if a timeshare member defaults on their payment, then they will not be able to make those memories, and your account will accumulate a variety of fees. If a timeshare member doesn’t make their payments, then they will have no rights to their vacation unit. Garza Blanca along with other reputable timeshares usually charge a reinstatement fee when the member doesn’t make their payments, too. 

Garza Blanca Timeshare Maintenance Fees Must Be Paid

Along with your regular timeshare payments, you will also have to make sure you pay your maintenance fees as well. Some timeshare members may not understand that the maintenance fees will keep the upkeep and repairs done at the resort. If members don’t pay the maintenance fees, then everything won’t be taken care of. The maintenance fees are included in the membership contract. If you fail to pay them, then the resort provider will close on your vacation unit. Did you know that your credit score will also be affected negatively too? It is true, and this could really give you problems later in life when you decide you would like to buy a house or a new car. Don’t let this happen to you. Do all you can to make your timeshare payments, so you don’t face negative consequences. If a timeshare member doesn’t pay their maintenance fees, then they could even face legal judicial foreclosure. 

Stay Away From Cancellation Companies

In addition, vacation club members need to make their Garza Blanca timeshare payments on time so they don’t become a victim of the cancellation company scams. Scamming cancellation companies like to scam existing owners by making them believe they can assist them in canceling their timeshare membership. However, this is false and they cannot assist any member in canceling their membership. The truth is the only time a member can cancel their membership is during the cooling-off period, which happens a few days after a member signs the contract. These scamming cancellation companies try to make money off a member who is having problems making their timeshare payments. Remember, they cannot help any member with canceling their timeshare. They will only take your money and disappear. 

Many challenges occurred to many people this past year. However, if you select a reputable timeshare provider like Garza Blanca, you and your family can still have amazing vacations. When you become a Garza Blanca timeshare member you should make your payments on time, because you know now what the consequence of defaulting on your financial commitment. Plus, they are a reputable provider and have COVID safety measures in place, too. Do you remember why you decided to become a timeshare owner in the first place? You probably wanted to become a member so you and your family could have great vacations and spend quality time together. If you default, you will lose the chance to make incredible memories with your loved ones. Always pay your Garza Blanca timeshare payments on time. 

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