We’ve all been there at some point; while planning travel to a new destination we desperately seek hotel reviews which might be of help, only to find a slew of generalized testimonials from shills and hotel employees.

While looking at hotel websites will get you a general idea of their ethos and the product they are marketing you can be sure that it won’t get you the kind of “behind the scenes” view that a customer review will. This is why you should always leave a review when you stay with a hotel; so that people like you can find the information they require, good or bad, in the future.

Here are some of the other good reasons to leave a hotel review after your stay!

Recognize Great Staff Members in your hotel review

When a particular team or staff member really goes above and beyond to make sure that your stay is amazing letting the hotel management know in person is nice, but noting it in a hotel review is a surefire way to increase their chances of a promotion or pay rise! It’s a feather in their cap, anyway, and a lovely way to say thank you.

Help Guide Other Travelers with your hotel review

As we stated before, honest feedback about your stay will do much to help your fellow travelers make a choice about their own stay in the area; after staying at a hotel you are in a uniquely informed position. This is your chance to give advice, hints and tips when it comes to complex thermostats and the highlights of the restaurant menu! Let everyone know what you thought of your stay here!

Keep Search Engines Honest with your hotel reviews

When you decide to post a hotel review on a travel site you are helping to ensure that major search engines are working with genuine reviews left by actual customers and travelers. You’ll be able to make sure that smaller hotels, too, are given their say even when they do not have the marketing budgets of the big chains.

Be Mindful of Criticism

While being honest is very important when you write a hotel review meant for others you should always give the hotel a chance to deal with complaints first. Any good hotel management team will attempt to rectify your complaint. If you have already tried to speak with them, however, and have gotten nowhere you should make this known in your review; you’ll save other travelers a world of trouble. Just remember to describe the situation in terms as objective as possible to make sure you don’t sound bitter or melodramatic.

So, why not post a hotel review after your next vacation? It’s a great way to give thanks to those people who have been helpful.


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