There are many genuine timeshare companies in Mexico. Most timeshare owners are completely satisfied with their timeshare purchase, and enjoy regular vacations throughout Mexico at the best resorts. Sadly, there are some timeshare scammers out there that only want to scam timeshare owners and they have created fake companies so they can try to convince timeshare owners that they are a legitimate consulting company. You can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Read below on how to avoid the new timeshare scams.

Avoid Timeshare Scams

Many people in the past all thought that any timeshare scams were centered around fake timeshare companies that sold timeshares illegally. Unfortunately, the scammers have come up with a new way to scam timeshare owners from their money. The scammers don’t try to sell timeshares to people, but now they pretend to offer cancelling and reselling services to timeshare owners. These scammers will even tell you that they will upgrade your timeshare with their company, too. Anytime one of these companies asks you to pay an upfront fee, this should raise a red flag that they are scammers. Stay away from these scamming companies and protect your timeshare investment and keep your money safe.

Fraudulent Timeshare Consultants

Recently, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) released a timeshare advisory warning as some fraudulent timeshare consultants claim that they are working with the ARDA. One of these fraudulent timeshare consultant companies created their company under the name “Resort Consulting Advocates”. Resort Consulting Advocates have already scammed numerous timeshare owners by telling them that they have buyers that are wanting to purchase their timeshare membership. This fraudulent timeshare consultant company has even created false sales contracts that claim a “100% Customer Guarantee”, but in fact there is no guarantee, no buyer, and this company will only take victims money, then disappear.

Fraudulent Timeshare Resellers

Resort Consulting Advocates is only one of many, many other timeshare scamming companies out there that pretend that they are a legitimate and genuine company so timeshare owners will use their services. These fraudulent companies will often change their company name several times to avoid being caught by the authorities. The timeshare owners are never informed who the scammers are that they are working with, so the unsuspecting timeshare owners usually become a victim of a timeshare scams. If you are contacted by any fraudulent timeshare resellers, a timeshare cancellation company, or a timeshare rental company you should be very cautious. These are the type of companies that are ran by scammers. If you really want to protect yourself from being scammed, then you should only deal with your original timeshare company. If you have any complaints or even concerns regarding your timeshare, you should contact the company that you purchased the timeshare with personally. The timeshare company will have a trained employee that will assist you. The timeshare company does not hire or involve a third party. These third parties are only out to take your money.

Scammed? What to do?

If you had a timeshare scammer contact you or if you have actually paid an upfront fee, then found out later that the timeshare company was fake, you should first contact your personal timeshare company and let them know what took place. Your timeshare company will put out the word and warn other timeshare companies and members so they will not become a victim. The next thing you should do is contact your local authorities such as the state attorney general and the Better Business Bureau. Doing this will prevent other timeshare members from being scammed.

No Upfront Fees

You should never pay any upfront fees to any resale companies. This will prevent you from being scammed. You should always research the company thoroughly and you should remember that these kind of services are generally a scam. They only want to take your money. You can protect yourself and your timeshare investment if you follow these suggestions.

You can keep your timeshare investment and your money safe by educating yourself about the new timeshare scams.

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