You may already be aware of the unfortunate scams that are occurring in the timeshare and vacation membership industry. We understand the fear and concerns with timeshare and vacation members, which is why we are here to help protect your timeshare investment. Our legal department have provided educational resources to help you in identifying timeshare scams and what to do next.

We will help you in identifying timeshare scams and what to do next with their unwanted calls and extreme deceitful tactics. The information below should answer all of your questions. We can stop these timeshare scammers together with your help and the law enforcement and our timeshare industry will be protected.

How to Identify if You have been Contacted by a timeshare scam:

There is no for sure way that you will know if you have been contacted by a timeshare scam, but if your gut is telling you it is a scam artists, then trust your gut! If the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Timeshare scammers are true scamming experts, which makes it hard to identify them. It makes you wonder and question who is sending you emails offering to help you rent out your timeshare.

Many times the scam artist will provide you with a legit company name that you can look up online, and they often will tell you that they are working with our organization or they are contacting you on “their behalf”. Unfortunately, the scam artists will only give you a company name and phone number, but will not provide you with any additional information.

What steps should be taken if you have been contacted by a timeshare scam?

  1. If you are able you should try to keep the caller on the phone line as long as you can so you can collect more information about their organization. All phone calls and emails should be saved, and you should write down the date and the time that you received them. If you think you have received a suspicious email you should make sure you do not send the email out as it may be carrying a virus. If the scammer asks you any information about your timeshare membership you should not give them any details along with your bank account, credit cards, or even a money wire.
  2. Always file an official report with the law enforcement. Provide the law enforcement with all the information that you have.
  3. Always tell the person calling you to remove your number from their calling list, then just hang up the phone!
  4. Refer to the lists of well-known scammers. The ARDA provides a fraud and scam article library that you can see when you click here: (

Make a formal complaint about a scam artist:

  1. The Federal Trade Commission, Business Fraud Division 1-877-382-4357 or online at
  2. Attorney General’s Office in your state. Go to the complaint link to file the report.
  3. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) online at

You can protect yourself with the awareness and education that we have provided for you. Hopefully you won’t need to follow the advice that we have provided for you with identifying timeshare scams and what to do next.

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