Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as a top notch destination in Mexico for a vacation and second home is evident by the millions of people who visit the place every year. Its attractions and varied activities are comely features that are irresistible to people from all corners of the globe. Arriving at the place, you can see obvious reasons why Puerto Vallarta is in everyone’s wish list.

There are many things unknown to most visitors. These are the local secrets that only its residents and locals have knowledge of. Knowing it can bring more fire and thrill to an already fulfilling Puerto Vallarta holiday. Let’s take a look at some of these hidden secrets that will surely put your vacationing to a higher level.

puerto vallarta locals

Barracuda and El Solar
Barracuda restaurant is for all ages and there’s never a moment that it’s not filled up by enjoying tourists. A well-known seafood restaurant located at the end on Camarones Beach at the end of the Malecon, this great place on the beach makes you enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of a true tropical place. Enjoy the best grills, ceviche and fresh fishes while looking at the great sights around. You can have your meal sitting on the beach or just stay inside and feel the luxury of fine dining experience.

El Solar on the other hand is a beach bar on the seafront next to Barracuda. Its owners are the ones who also run the famed Barracuda Restaurant. A truly relaxing place where you can have your mind refreshed by the soothing jazz music or sway your body to the upbeat merengue. A good sounds place for that lazy afternoon heat and a grooving hangout for some small drinking escapade. Most if its clientele go barefooted, enjoying the fine sand touching their heels.

The Farmers Market
Get up early during Saturdays because it’s the market day of the Farmers Market. An assortment of goods can be bought at discounted prices like food, jewelries, vegetables, fruits and artisanal crafts. Expats and local people anticipate it because this is where they replenished their weekly stocks. Products that are marks of Puerto Vallarta showcase its people’s originality and creativity in making ornaments, decors and accessories. It starts at 9 in the morning and usually ends up at around 2pm when the sun brings out its scorching rays. You’ll never feel disappointed as buying pleasure is at its peak at Farmers Market.

Las Gemelas Beach
Las Gemelas is the best alternative when it comes to beach vacationing. During the peak season, much of Puerto Vallarta’s famed beaches are filled with vacationers. Just 15 minutes away south where tranquil waters dominate the scene is the Las Gemelas Beach. Small stretch of private beaches can bring in peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the usually crowded summer waters. Bring in some food to eat and a simple blanket to lay out and you can have a feel of what serenity is all about.

J and B Dancing Club
Dancers can find their world in J&B Dancing Club. A local hangout place isolated from the main concentration of clubs but is easily noticed with large signboards showing the letters J and B. One can sway and get into the groove of cumbia, salsa and merengue with live bands providing the needed music. A club that never rest because it’s open almost every day with the weekends as its peak days. Get those dancing shoes ready and conquer the night’s dancing like a true salsa pro.

For those people who return to Puerto Vallarta regularly and have a little time to take a few days away from Puerto Vallarta then travel a distance away and head to Mayto. 12 kilometers of pure white sand beaches are merely 2 hours away from Puerto Vallarta in Mayto. A local favourite when it comes to escaping the crowded beaches and the busy city life. The beach here is good places to make new friends and to enjoy outdoor activities like beach volleyball or bonfire festivities. You’ll feel at home where the vast ocean is your kingdom.

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