There are many reasons why Mexico is the number one choice for savvy travelers. The country is a top choice for people that desire to have an unforgettable family vacation or romantic getaway with their sweetheart. In fact, many people love their time in Mexico so much they decide to invest in timeshare ownership. That way, they can always enjoy the country’s great weather, beautiful beaches and incredible cuisine. You should be aware that scammers also target the millions of tourists that visit Mexico each year. Are you a timeshare owner in Mexico? Or do you plan to join a vacation club soon?  Either way, it’s easy to stay safe from scammers if you know what to avoid. Read more below about how to avoid Mexico scams in 2021. 

Vacation Rental Scams

To start with, vacation rental scams in Mexico can happen if you don’t know the red flags to be aware of.  For example, vacation rental scams can affect both homeowners and potential renters looking to secure a vacation rental for their stay. To avoid this scam, only work with vacation rental agencies or resorts that are reputable. Trustworthy travel agencies will provide you with a guarantee and never scam you. Even better, why not keep yourself safe by only renting your vacation stay with a reputable resort such as Tafer Hotels & Resorts. They are a trustworthy and honest provider that has gorgeous Garza Blanca resorts Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun. Plus, they offer quality timeshare ownership for qualified travelers who want to always have luxurious vacations in Mexico. 

Airport Transfer Scams  

Next, airport transfer scams are another concern for travelers to Mexico. If you prepay and arrange airport transfer before you arrive in Mexico, you should take care at the airport. Always make sure that the correct company picks you up when you arrive. If you don’t, then you could end up paying double if a scammer tries to pull a fast one. In fact, this is one of the more common scams that occurs at airports in Mexico. How it happens ist that scammers target vacationers at busy Mexico airports. To start with, they will quickly approach you and make you think that they are the company that you arranged for your transfer. Don’t become confused by fast talking scammers. Instead, make sure you confirm you are dealing with the company you paid for before you leave the airport terminal. The best way to be sure is ask to see identification from the person who is assisting you. Also, confirm your name is pre-printed on the transfer list so you can prevent becoming a scam victim. 

Vacation Timeshare Scams

Another issue for travelers in Mexico is timeshare scams. These issues are less common in recent years as the Mexican government has done a lot to prevent these types of misdeeds. The government and resort providers prioritize tourism and want travelers to enjoy their experiences in Mexico. It is important that tourists have the opportunity to purchase a timeshare that is safe. It’s always best to select a reputable provider such as Tafer Hotels & Resorts. The company is trustworthy and offers a quality timeshare ownership program. In fact, they also share valuable timeshare scam information with members and prospective members to keep them safe. That way, they can know how to avoid scammers to stay safe. Today, the majority of timeshare scams are operated by fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies. To stay safe, only with reputable resort providers like Tafer Hotels & Resorts and you won’t risk becoming a timeshare scam victim. 

Avoid Credit Card Scams

Lastly, another vacation scams to avoid is related to timeshare credit card scams. This problem can happen if you book your stay online on a website that is not secure. Always make sure the website is secure to avoid having your credit card information stolen. Next, when you arrive for your vacation, always be aware of your surroundings whenever you need to use your credit card. Don’t let anyone walk away with your credit card to pay for a transaction. Most businesses and establishments in Mexico use wireless terminals for credit card payments that they can bring to your table. This helps reduce the risk of your credit card information being stolen. If you are ever unsure or feel wary about a situation, err on the side of caution to stay safe.

Did you enjoy our tips on how to avoid Mexico timeshare scams in 2021? Remember, the best way to stay safe is to book your stay at a reputable provider like Tafer Hotels & Resorts. They are a genuine resort provider with more than 30 years of experience in the resort industry. Currently, they operate the luxurious Garza Blanca Resorts and the adults-only Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta. Contact them today to see what vacation packages they are currently offering. They have implemented strict COVID safety measures so guests and vacation club members are safe to enjoy their trip. Plus, their timeshare club is one of the most popular and exclusive timeshare ownership programs in the country. Contact them today to schedule a property tour. If you are eligible to join their exclusive vacation club, it will be the best decision of your life!



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