Have you been invited to attend a timeshare presentation when you were on a vacation in Mexico? Were you offered free meals or tickets so you would attend a timeshare presentation? This is a common practice that is used to entice potential buyers to attend a timeshare presentation. Is attending the timeshare presentation worth your time or is it a waste?

Timeshare – Is it a Good Investment?

If you are unfamiliar with timeshares and you want to know if it is a good investment, then continue to read. A timeshare is a financial agreement and contract that grants people the right to use a property that will be shared for a certain specific time each year until the contract is fulfilled. Many timeshare times can be one or two weeks. If the timeshare agreement is with a hotel chain, then you can often use your specific time at other hotel chain locations in addition to the principal property you visited. When the timeshare contract and agreement is being signed, the buyer will place a large investment down so they can be a timeshare owner and member, and this is the biggest reasons why many people don’t believe that this is a wise investment. Along with the investment the buyer will be required to pay monthly maintenance fees, which will keep the timeshare property properly maintained. Many timeshare companies will provide promotions like free entertainment tickets and free hotel stays to encourage you to become a timeshare buyer and investor. Therefore, is a timeshare membership a good investment and should you attend one of these presentations?

The Timeshare Presentations Downside

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, and understanding this is possibly the most important thing to consider before you attend any timeshare presentation. When you are offered amazing tickets to an event or a free trip and they tell you that all you need to do is attend a timeshare presentation that is only 90 minutes long, then you must ask yourself is this true? After the timeshare presentation they may make you tour the resort as well. To be eligible for a timeshare package, you must be eligible and only certain individuals are eligible. Ofen time, you must be at least 25-30 years old,  have a high income level, and you should be married. Some of the timeshare companies will consider long-term relationships as well.

Fierce Sales Tactics

Some people who have no intention of purchasing a timeshare membership still feel it is worth spending the 90 minute timeshare presentation to get free tickets or hotel stays. Be aware that you will face fierce sales tactics from the salespeople. They have been trained and they know all of the tactics to use to sell a timeshare membership. They will try to wear down your will power by keeping you longer than the allotted time. They will also create a false sense of urgency that makes you feel like you will miss out on an amazing opportunity if you don’t purchase the timeshare membership that day. If the salesperson believes that they are not having any luck with you, they will ask other salespeople to assist them to see if they have better luck selling the timeshare membership.

Some timeshare presentation situations are better than others as is everything in life. Not every timeshare presentation will use these fierce tactics. You will more than likely go to a genuine timeshare presentation that is legit. You now know what to look for if you are interested in investing in a timeshare opportunity. If you accept free gifts to attend a timeshare presentation, remember there is nothing free in life.

These are the top Mexico timeshare presentation tips. Use these tips to keep yourself safe and guarded.

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