Timeshare Pointers

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There are numerous legit timeshare investment opportunities that are currently available in Mexico, and many individuals are taking advantage of these amazing timeshare investment opportunities so they will have great vacations for them and their family members. With everyday life … Continued

How to Avoid the New Timeshare Scams

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There are many genuine timeshare companies in Mexico. Most timeshare owners are completely satisfied with their timeshare purchase, and enjoy regular vacations throughout Mexico at the best resorts. Sadly, there are some timeshare scammers out there that only want to … Continued

Defaulting on your Timeshare

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Do you wonder what risks you may face if you start defaulting on your timeshare? There are serious repercussions that will occur if you start defaulting on your timeshare, just like with any other investment or real estate purchase. Individuals … Continued