Points Based Timeshare at Club Caribe

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One of the best benefits of being a timeshare member with Club Caribe is that it is a points based membership. What that means is that when you purchase timeshare membership with Club Caribe, you are allocated with club points each year which you can exchange for accommodations at Villa del Palmar Cancun or any of the resorts offered by your Club Caribe membership in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Loreto. The points based timeshare at Club Caribe is 100% flexible points where members can use their club points towards accommodations as well as services like all inclusive meal plans, spa treatments and groceries.

Points Based Timeshare at Club Caribe

Here are the top benefits of the points based timeshare at Club Caribe:

  1. Points Based Timeshare at Club Caribe

A timeshare membership purchase at Club Caribe is a points based timeshare where you purchase club points that allow you to stay in a particular suite or unit at the resorts in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Loreto, Mexico. There are a variety of options for members to use their points based timeshare at Club Caribe. You can stay for a full week or split your time in two; you might book a larger suite using all your points and stay for a shorter period of time, or alternatively stay in a smaller suite and stay longer, and so forth. The options are unlimited as members can use the points to split their stay for two different locations and the more points that you have, then of course the more options you will have too. Imagine all the options you will have if you purchase enough points to stay for one week in a penthouse!

  1. Holiday Seasons

Club Caribe membership is also divided into seasons: Holiday, Winter and Summer. You will need more club points to make reservations for the same suite during the holiday period, followed by the winter season, with the summer time requiring fewer points. The holiday season for the points based timeshare at Club Caribe includes Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

  1. Borrowing Points

If you are wanting to book a particular suite, then you have to have enough points for that suite during the season you choose. If you don’t have enough points, you can borrow points from future years so you will be able to have the accommodations that you want. The only restriction for using borrowed points is during the holiday weeks.

  1. Banking points

If you know that your yearly allowance is not enough to cover the suite or time period that you need in the future, you can also bank points in preparation. Banking points is also good if you can’t use all of your points each year, you may bank them for up to 5 years for a special occasion.

  1. Paying for Services with Points Based Timeshare at Club Caribe

Points based timeshare at Club Caribe allows members to pay for a variety of services, which include all-inclusive meal plans, flower arrangements, spa treatments, and many other treats and services with club points. Members can turn their timeshare vacation into an all-inclusive vacation by using their Club Caribe points.

  1. Stay at Other Resorts

Members can use their Club Caribe points to stay at other resorts within the group, including resorts in locations such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and the Islands of Loreto. A points based timeshare at Club Caribe is also eligible for exchanges with Interval International for vacations across the globe.

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