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As a beach destination, Puerto Vallarta has little competition, either in Mexico or in the world at large. This is largely due to the year round sunshine, warm, clear waters, and stunning scenery, but it also has much to do with the huge variety of activities on offer to tourists. Water sports are big business in Puerto Vallarta where the beaches are safe, well kept, and the waves are choice. Puerto Vallarta beach fun surely awaits!

For the more adventurous and thrill-seeking there are many options for beach fun as you can see below:

If you’re just looking for some high speed Puerto Vallarta beach fun then no vacation would be complete without falling off a banana boat at least once! There are plenty of chances to do just that in Banderas Bay, so hop to it! Parasailing and Kitesurfing are more hardcore sports that require a little mettle. Kitesurfing, in particular, is new to the area, but draws support and participation from the local, tourist, and professional communities alike requiring more skill than you might think! Parasailing is a more common and recognized thrill-seekers sport, but is no less an experience to remember. All parasailing companies on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are required to hold a license, so as long as you follow instructions you are in no danger!

Equally physical but lower octane sports available for Puerto Vallarta beach fun include surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Each of these represents somewhat of a work-out in the sunshine and beauty of Puerto Vallarta, but not all vacations were meant for endless lazing, and, anyway, these beauties will earn you that extra slice of cake. There are plenty of places where beginners can receive instruction as to these sports, but the more experienced can simply hire or borrow a kayak, paddle, or surf board and seek out the best waves at their own leisure.

A somewhat more traditional vacation water sport is snorkelling, and it’s more adventurous cousin diving is quite common too! Puerto Vallarta is a perfect location for these activities; between the Los Arcos rock formation, Marietas Island, and peaceful beaches like Garza Blanca Beach (for the novices) all tastes and types are catered for. The experts can explore on their own, but have no fear; there are plenty of friendly instructors to get you started if you’re new!

There is no end to Puerto Vallarta beach fun … when do you arrive?

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