RCI and the Registry Collection membership represents the best and largest exchange services for timeshare owners across the world. These top vacation exchange companies only take on those resorts and hotels which offer the very best services and destinations. RCI and the Registry Collection service offer all timeshare owners a unique and beneficial opportunity to upgrade their vacations with membership.

RCI and Registry Collection Membership

RCI and the Registry Collection Membership

RCI and the Registry Collection make good on this promise by allowing you to exchange your timeshare weeks and/or points for corresponding time in another resort somewhere else in the world. This is done by booking the weeks or using the points at your home timeshare resort and then depositing this time with RCI or the Registry Collection. Doing so will give you the necessary trading power to secure a vacation away in another place of your choosing. Many top timeshare clubs will give a free trial of RCI or Registry Collection with each membership.

What is Trading Power?

Trading power is the system by which RCI and the Registry Collection ensure that all trades are fair and proportional. The idea is that each deposit made has a certain amount of trading power based upon desirability; large suites, 5 star hotels, and weeks during peak season being the most desirable. Your trading power will be matched roughly with that of your exchange so that each party is satisfied with the experience and no-one gets a raw deal.

Membership and Exchanges

You should have a good idea of what exchange you want to make before you deposit your time with RCI/the Registry Collection. You can see what kinds of places are on offer at each company’s website, so take some time to browse what’s on offer. All exchanges are equitable, so you’ll never get a nasty surprise, and based upon trading power.

Your Additional Getaway Weeks

A separate, but wonderful, benefit that also comes with membership is access to last minute, inexpensive “getaway” options through RCI and the Registry Collection. You don’t need to use your points to book these getaways, you simply pay as you would at a travel agents.

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