Reasons to never purchase a Club Caribe timeshare

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Everyone needs a break and definitely a great vacation is a must.  This is the reason why many opt to get a timeshare because it introduces many new ideas towards having a great holiday.  One of the known players in the timeshare industry is the Club Caribe timeshare, which occupies the forefront when it comes to ultra fabulous timeshare vacation.  However, read on to discover the true dangers of a Club Caribe timeshare and why you should think twice.

Club Caribe timeshare

Here are more details about the reasons to never purchase a Club Caribe timeshare in Mexico:

Too much of a good thing?

Club Caribe timeshare offers so much fun, that you will find yourself addicted to great vacations. You’ll find yourself vacationing as much as you possibly can, and soon you will start to feel guilty about your good fortune. If you are not careful, you may even invite your friends and extended family to join you, inflicting your addiction for fabulous vacations on your loved ones.

No one wants to be the envy of their friends

The Club Caribe salesperson certainly didn’t warn you that you may lose friends over your timeshare purchase. You may also discover that the only way to keep your friends is to stop talking about your Club Caribe timeshare vacations. It gets boring after a while sharing your fabulous vacations and you will soon find your friends are green with envy. Jealousy becomes even more of a problem when you swap your timeshare weeks through Interval International and travel the world. Even your closest friends can’t get immunity from it, so instead of bragging about your amazing experiences, invite them instead to a Friends Count Program presentation.  You can win back your friends, earn some bucks and get to use your Club Caribe timeshares together.

No excuses for vacations

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Well, almost. Having a Club Caribe timeshare drives you to take regular vacations, and the kids know there is no excuse. Although you can bank your Club Caribe timeshare points if you cannot travel on year for some reason, the temptation is always there to escape to the sun. This becomes especially tempting during the winter months when you are brushing snow off your windscreen.  

You compare everything to your Club Caribe vacations

Being a Club Caribe timeshare owner, you can’t help but compare it to those other timeshares that you have.   You’ll think of the plush restaurants, the luxury accommodation and the world class facilities that Club Caribe offers, even when you’re presently on vacation using your other timeshare.  This situation lessens the fun and enjoyment in what should have been a quality vacation experience.

These are considerable reasons why a Club Caribe timeshare is just not worth it.  Resist the temptation, or else put yourself in an unfavorable situation that you’ll regret afterwards.

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