Just this week alone, I have had three people ask me about Save ’N’ Vacations 1 (855) 873-7988. Coincidence or not, it seems that Save ’N’ Vacations are doing the rounds of telephone calls in my area. Their question was whether or not Save ’N’ Vacations is a scam, putting me on the case to find out who Save ’N’ Vacations are and what they really offer.

So, I first went to the Save ’N’ Vacations website: www.savenvacations.com. The promotions offered on the site were really tempting and almost too good to be true. Save ’N’ Vacations only offer vacation accommodations in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico, and so, being specialists in these destinations makes them a great choice; plus the agents are very knowledgeable about Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. However, there is no way to book directly online, you have to call a free number that is identified on the site: 1 (855) 873-7988.

I called Save ’N’ Vacations 1 (855) 873-7988 to ask directly about their services, and found a very pleasant agent on the other end of the line. I was attended by Jessica who confirmed that the prices quoted on the Save ’N’ Vacations 1 (855) 873-7988 website were correct. She then proceeded to ask me some questions to find out if I would be eligible for the discount.

At first, I thought this was kind of weird, that she was collecting information for market research purposes in exchange for the discounts. It turns out that to enjoy the cut prices offered by Save ’N’ Vacations 1 (855) 873-7988, you must attend a sales presentation when you arrive. Jessica assured me that it would only be a couple of hours or so and that there was no obligation to buy anything at the presentation, but that a no-show would result in me being charged the full price for the vacation.

Seems very reasonable to me, and there were other conditions such as not arriving drunk to the presentation, all of which are listed in the agreement she would send at the time of payment for the vacation. When I declined the offer, she was wanted to know why I didn’t want to reserve a vacation in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun with Save ’N’ Vacations but she was not rude or overly insistent. In fact, the whole experience was very pleasant.

To be sure that Save ’N’ Vacations was not a scam, I then went on to search the vacation forums and scam notice boards and found no evidence of a scam, just a couple of people who were unhappy that the 2 free kids offer did not extend to 3 or 4 kids! The majority of comments claimed that they were not harassed when they decided not to buy at the sales presentation and that the hotels and resorts were of great quality. The destinations, it goes without saying, received fabulous reviews.

So, it would appear that Save ’N’ Vacations 1 (855) 873-7988 will provide you with some excellent discounts and is certainly not a scam.

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Steven Hilton· July 19, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I bought a certificate with Dan , he was very sweet and friendly gave me the best price for all , so when you want a good price ask for Dan . the company is reliable and legal

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