There's More than one Way to Be Scammed

There’s More than one Way to Be Scammed

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We are dedicating to providing information on this website on how you can avoid being scammed, especially with vacation clubs or timeshares. We wanted to provide an interesting article that is based upon a wide variety of scams that targets innocent people so everyone that reads this article can see exactly how the mind of a scammer works. There’s more than one way to be scammed. Read below to see these ways.

The Sextortion Scam

This is the type of scam that involves a sex act that is recorded secretly. The scammer will threaten the victim of publishing the recording if they do not pay them a lot of money and the scammer even threatens to show the recording to the victim’s friends and family members. This type of scam is traumatic and devastating especially for those who are religious, living in a conservative community, or a business owner. This scam is punishable with time in prison. 

Online Relationship Scam

The scammer will create and build a relationship with someone online. The online relationship scam occurs online. People can meet on a dating website, chat rooms, and social media, and this scam can also happen in person, but this is a larger scam and fraud. There is generally a similar pattern with the online romantic relationship scam such as; you will see someone online and you get to know that person, then you start chatting privately and emailing one another, and you anticipate meeting this special person, so you begin to make plans for the meeting. Once the plans are set the scammer will tell you there is a family emergency or illness that requires them to need money. You will start sending the person money, and you will never meet this person and the chatting will stop.

There is other scams that is much worse than the online scam such as; people marrying a scammer and the scammer only intends to scam them of all their money, and some partners have been murdered for money.

The Inheritance Scam

In the past few years the inheritance scam has become very popular. The victim will receive an email stating that they have an unclaimed inheritance waiting for them. The scammer offers assistance to the victim, but there is a fee that must be made, and the victim never gets an inheritance. The scammer may also have an elaborate story to tell people in the email by telling victims that they have a large inheritance waiting for them, but they need money to get it released. The victims give the money, but never get any money back.

The Extreme Hitman Scam

The hitmen is an extreme scam that causes distress for the victim. Somebody (scammer) contacts you and tells you that you have to pay a large amount of money or you, a family member, or friend will be killed. You pay the money to keep the hitmen from killing you or your loved ones.

A Sick Child Scam

Unfortunately, this scam effects genuine crowdfunding efforts. You will see the sick child scam on social media pages where the scammer asks for donations to help their sick child for medical treatments. The sick child scam will melt many people’s heart and a lot of people send money, but find out later that this was nothing but a scam.

Adorable Pets for Free Adoption Scam

You run across an advertisement for adorable pets that are up for adoption and there is no fee for the adoptions, but if you adopt a pet you will need to pay the delivery costs. You pick the pet you want to adopt and you send the money for the delivery and the pet never arrives. You were scammed.

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