For many luxury travelers, Mexico is the most popular and top tourist destination. Vacationers from all across the world love to vacation in Mexico. The great weather, beautiful beaches, and the varied cuisine are some of the reasons why people enjoy vacationing in Mexico. Sadly, scams can happen if you don’t know what to look for in Mexico. For example, fraudsters have been targeting some tourists in Mexico. Read below to learn all about timeshare scam information so that your vacation will be enjoyable and stress free. 

Mexico Timeshare Scams to Avoid on Vacation 

Mexico is normally amazing for vacations. Scams can happen to vacationers in Mexico if they are not aware of the red flags to look for. Mexico is a very popular destination for vacations, and because of this many scammers are out there to take advantage of vacationers. If you are aware and alert, and read the tips below, you can keep yourself and you will avoid becoming a victim to a Mexico timeshare scammers. The most popular 2020 scams are fairly easy to spot. You need to always be alert and stay away from anyone that you suspect is a fraudster, so you can be protected, and you can enjoy your paradise vacation! 

Scams With Vacation Rentals 

A popular Mexico scam to avoid is a vacation rental scam. When vacationers are trying to book a vacation rental for their vacation sometimes, they will be scammed. The scam can happen if the rental company is not really renting a rental for a certain property. There are scammers out there that will advertise a vacation rental property that they don’t own, and sometimes they aren’t even real. They will have you put down a deposit or even pay for the vacation rental in full before you arrive in Mexico. To stay safe, you should only go to websites that are reputable. You can protect yourself from this happening to you if you only book your vacation with a resort company that is well-known such as with Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Tafer Hotels & Resorts is an award winning resort provider that has lovely resorts throughout Mexico. They have Garza Blanca Resorts in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, and the adults only Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta. In addition, they are currently building new properties in Cancun and Riviera Maya.  When you book directly with a reputable provider like Tafer Hotels & Resorts, you are sure to stay safe from scams.

Mexico Timeshare Scams

Thankfully, Mexico timeshare scams are not happening as much as they used to. The Mexican Government along with the timeshare industry are working together to prevent these timeshare scammers. They are helping to educate vacationers along with prospective timeshare owners so timeshare scams won’t happen to people. Today, most of the Mexico timeshare scams that occur are related to timeshare resales and cancellations. A timeshare resale is when you buy a timeshare membership from a timeshare member instead of purchasing one from a provider. This is a common timeshare scam, because it’s hard to tell if the seller is actually genuine. You can avoid becoming a victim of this Mexico timeshare scam if you only buy your timeshare membership form a reputable provider like Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Once a rescission period has ended, a timeshare member can’t cancel their timeshare membership. Remember, you should never deal with a cancellation company if you want to cancel your timeshare membership. Instead, you should only work with your provider to keep yourself safe. 

Mexico Airport Scams

Another popular Mexico timeshare scam is the airport scam. This scam happens to people who booked their vacation transportation before arriving in Mexico. Once they are at the airport, an outside company or person that doesn’t work with the genuine company will confuse people into using them, and then they charge expensive rates. The vacationer ends up paying twice just for transportation. Always bring your transportation confirmation details with you, so you can confirm that you go with the right transportation company that you booked. You need to ask to see their official identification, too. This will prevent you from becoming a victim of this scam. 

This Mexico timeshare scammers article above will help you avoid becoming a victim of a scam. Keep yourself educated, alert, and aware, so your vacation is wonderful! Don’t forget to contact Tafer Hotels & Resorts to plan your next vacation to Mexico. While travel is temporarily on hold, they are accepting reservations now for future travel. Make sure to reserve your spot before it is too late!


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