Timeshare Solutions and Options

Timeshare Solutions and Options

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Some people like timeshare memberships; some people don’t. For the many that do love the concept of timeshare membership, the possibilities for travel expand with the many resorts available across the globe. So, if you want your family to have the vacation of their dreams without breaking your wallet, a timeshare solution could well be the best choice for you.

Here are some timeshare solutions and options just for you:

Fixed Weeks

The birth of the timeshare membership brought with it a solution that was very rigid. Members buy weeks in certain sets and had to use the same set of weeks each year. This worked fine 40 years ago when most people got the same week intervals off each year on their jobs. However, the modern worker doesn’t usually get the same week intervals off nowadays. So, a schedule that is not divided into weekly intervals would work best for most modern-day workers, and that was how the floating weeks membership came into existence.

Floating Weeks

The floating weeks membership was the answer to the problem of having fixed week timeshares. For those whose vacation days often fell on different dates each year, this option was perfect because it allowed you to reserve weeks in seasonal slots (like winter, summer or shoulder seasons) instead of actual dates.

Exchange Companies

The timeshare craze also sparked an interest in swapping one’s resort reservation and vacationing at another resort (often in another country) that allows timeshares. The solution was the birth of exchange companies. Companies like RCI (the Registry Collection and Interval International) were created to assist timeshare members in finding other resorts that would honor their timeshare membership.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

The points based vacation club membership seems to embody all the best qualities of the previously mentioned solutions. The possibilities almost become limitless with this solution. With this solution, you use points to reserve your vacation time, and you don’t have to do it in weekly slots or seasonal slots!  So, if you want to do a two-, three- or ten-day vacation, you can! Thus, you have the freedom to do as many vacations in as many locations as you can if you have the points to do so. Some vacation club memberships will also allow you to purchase meal plans and other resort amenities with your available points. The points based vacation club solution is by far the best timeshare solution available in today’s market.

Cancellation Attorneys

These companies pretend to be real attorneys that can use legal maneuvers to free you from a timeshare membership contract. Their service does nothing for your timeshare membership because you can’t be freed from your contract unless you are still within the rescission period (when you don’t need the help of a cancellation company to help you). Therefore, this timeshare solution is fraudulent and a waste of money at best.

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