Timeshare Solutions – Upgrade

Timeshare Solutions – Upgrade

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This blog is dedicated to providing timeshare upgrade solutions. The discussion will provide you with the information that you will need when you decide if you should upgrade your timeshare membership to solve usage issues that you are having with your timeshare membership. Sometimes the level of your timeshare membership makes it hard for timeshare members to enjoy their timeshare, which is forcing these timeshare owners to consider timeshare cancellations, which usually turns into a scam. But don’t despair, there are many timeshare solutions, not least of which an upgrade!

Timeshare Solutions – Upgrade Your Timeshare Membership

The top complaints that you may read on the internet timeshare forums is timeshare owners believing that have been sold a timeshare membership that they are unable to use. These timeshare members have usually purchased a lower level timeshare membership, which limits them to using only the most popular cheaper units. Because the cheaper units are naturally very popular and in demand, it can be hard to reserve these units without doing so in advance, which is hard for new members who have just purchased their membership. Most timeshare members will book their vacations way in advance, and many times it could be two years in advance.

New members sometimes think they have been scammed

You are at a disadvantage when you first buy your timeshare due to the fact that other timeshare members have already booked their vacations in advance for the popular unit types. The new timeshare members then think they have been involved in a timeshare scam. These members will go on timeshare forums to complain, then they start looking at timeshare cancellation companies (which are scams) when they should contact the timeshare company that they purchased their membership with, so the company can assist them with a solution. Timeshare cancellation scammers will see how upset these members are and they will take advantage of the situation, offering services that cannot be legally executed.

Is there a solution?

There is a solution. In fact, there is more than one solution. The best solution is to upgrade your membership. If you have purchased your timeshare membership with a genuine, reputable, and professional timeshare vacation club company, then you will have no problem upgrading your membership, and doing this will give you more options, choices, and flexibility with where you can stay and the variety of units that you can choose from. One thing you should pay close attention with is that you are upgrading your current membership and not purchasing a second membership in addition to your current membership. Another thing that you should pay close attention to is that there is no timeshare vacation club that will buy your old timeshare, then replace it with the upgraded version. If you are not careful you may be purchasing a second timeshare that you will have to pay for along with the maintenance fees that go along with the membership.

Another solution that you can consider other than upgrading your timeshare is banking your weeks with your timeshare members for years in the future or until you have enough points that will allow you the unit or suite that you want. Most of the respectable timeshare companies provide this option too. You could also make a reservation for a week that you want, then use that week for an exchange. Interval International and RCI are exchange networks that will work around your schedule and preferences, and this would also include destinations in other areas too. Lastly, you also have the option to rent out your timeshare week for extra income. As you see, there are many different options that you have with your timeshare membership.

Timeshare Memberships can be Successful

Your timeshare membership can be successful if you start by seeing it as an investment that is ongoing. Let your timeshare membership actually work for you. Anytime that you have a timeshare membership with an honest and reputable company, and you are not fully happy with your membership, then the top solution is an upgrade with for your membership. When you do an upgrade you will get all the perks that comes with the upgrade.

Are there timeshare solutions? Yes, upgrade your timeshare membership.

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Timeshare Solutions – Upgrade
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