In Paris, France 2021, the Top World Spirit Awards was recently held. This honorable award ceremony had sixteen members in charge of selecting the top spirits from across the world. Christophe Guitard, a renowned taster along with Myriam Huet, and Mona Khalife were a few of the judges that tasted and ranked numerous spirits and brands. Hacienda El Divisadero Raicilla from Puerto Vallarta was selected as the best raicilla in the world and received the Gold Medal award. Dreaming of a Mexico vacation? Savvy travelers choose Garza Blanca. Part of Tafer Hotels & Resorts, an award-winning provider that has luxury resorts in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and in Cancun. The resorts have incredible amenities, luxurious services and comfort that you won’t find elsewhere. Call and book your dream vacation at Garza Blanca today. In the meantime, read below to learn more about the Raicilla award. 

Hacienda El Divisadero a Top Raicilla Award

Would you like to get to know more about raicilla? You can get to know the hearty and intriguing liquor when you come to Mexico. It just happens to be a signature spirit in Mexico, and it will definitely delight your taste buds. In 1999, Hacienda El Divisadero was founded just south of Puerto Vallarta in the charming town of El Tuito. The company produces raicilla that has a very nice aroma and a flavorful taste enhanced by Chico Aguiar. Not for the lighthearted, this spirit is nearly one-hundred proof. It is actually one of the best spirits in Mexico which is why it earned the first place in Paris at the Top World Spirit Awards. 

Raicilla Facts

Raicilla is made from the agave plant and is a distilled spirit that is produced in the state of Jalisco. Raicilla is very similar to tequila and mezcal, and it has been produced for more than three hundred years. It is made of one hundred percent agave that is also made in an authentic artisanal manner. There are two types of raicilla, which are the Coastal and the Highlander. They both have a different taste, and the quality is very high. Due to the production process from the harvesting, the raicilla is considered an artisanal product. There are different varieties such as a young white or silver, aged, rested, and traditional and flavored. Every year in Mascota, Jalisco a raicilla festival is held that attracts visitors from all around. Raicilla is also made in San Sebastian del Oeste, Chiquilistlan, Mixtlan, Cabo Corrientes, Talpa de Allende, and other little villages in the state of Jalisco. 

Try Raicilla

Mexico is well-known for having a rich history and culture, and that would also include traditional drinks being made in different areas throughout Mexico. Tequila and raicilla are made in Jalisco and have been designated a Denomination of Origin so that raicilla can only be made in the area. Different flavors occur based on the different soils, weather, water, yeasts, alcoholic graduation, producer (Maestro Raicillero), and other major factors. The true character of the raicilla shines through when it is ready to drink. If it is colorless it was produced in glass, and  when it is yellow in color it has been aged in a wooden container. 

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