Vacation Club Reviews: Benefits of Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

Vacation Club Reviews: Benefits of Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

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Discover which are the best vacation clubs and timeshare companies in Mexico with our series of vacation club reviews. This post is dedicated to Garza Blanca timeshare membership reviews sharing information about membership benefits as promoted on the official website for Garza Blanca timeshare and from timeshare review forums.

Vacation Club Reviews: Benefits of Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

The Luxury Market

One of the benefits that was obvious from the vacation club reviews found on many timeshare forums was the quality of the services offered by Garza Blanca timeshare. This is most certainly a luxury timeshare company, which means it is not cheap but offers classy experiences, which is a new direction for the timeshare industry. It seems that timeshare owners at Garza Blanca are a new breed, those looking for five star timeshare rather that cheap options.


Despite the fact that reviews points to the fact that Garza Blanca timeshare is a luxury membership, there are still plenty of comments to the effect that it is great value for money and that you can make great savings by essentially paying in advance for your future experiences.

Flexible Reservations

Using your Garza Blanca timeshare club points, you have choices for how long you want your vacation to be: as short as two nights, or as long as your points allow. You also have options to stay at different resorts within the same year. The size of your unit is also flexible depending on how you administer your points. Many Garza Blanca timeshare reviews praise the banking and borrowing system too, which allows you to borrow points if you don’t have enough to cover the kind of vacation you want to experience. When you have points left over each year, you have the option to bank them up to 5 years. There are cut-off dates each year when you have to bank, usually at the end of October. Aside from that, you can also borrow points for up to 5 years in advance. For biennial members, 1 year is the applicable length of time for banking or borrowing.

Extra Summer Points

The summer months from weeks 18 to 43 (May to October) is when you can use your Preferred Points. These are additional points to the Club Points you purchase and only cost you the prorated maintenance fees when you use them. If you don’t use them, they don’t cost you anything. Most members can have up to two full weeks of extra points.

Extra Nights

As Garza Blanca timeshare members, you have the benefit of extending your stay for an extra day or two at any resorts by paying the appropriate maintenance fees. These extra days are subject to availability.

Booking for Up to Two Years

How about reserving your chosen accommodations for two years in advance? Most reviews recommend that members should book as early as possible, taking advantage of this benefit.

Discounts for Members

Your discount card for Garza Blanca timeshare Members is available upon your arrival. Use it to benefit from various services and discounts in restaurants, stores and bars. You will also receive preferential rates at the associated travel agencies located at the resorts.

What is your verdict? Are you a Garza Blanca timeshare member? Please leave your review.

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