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Many people ask about the benefits of vacation clubs and are surprised to hear that there are so many rewards. After reading this article you will be wondering what has taken you so long to join the millions of members who benefit from their vacation club privileges every year.

Firstly, what does a vacation club offer? On the one hand a vacation club invites owners of timeshares to add or deposit their properties in the vacation club catalogue in exchange for points. These points can then be used towards other properties in other destinations or at different times of the year. In essence, if you already own a timeshare, you can swap your unit for one anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, anyone can join a vacation club by buying points to the value of a timeshare and then use those points to choose their accommodations from the repertoire of timeshare properties. Essentially, vacation clubs provide complete flexibility with all the other benefits of timeshare – large spacious, quality accommodations in excellent resorts and destinations.

Like timeshare, being a vacation club member encourages you to take regular vacations and you will find that planning your getaways are much easier and stress free. You know exactly what to expect from the accommodations and can trust the quality of the resorts. Vacation club membership also makes a great gift as you are not limiting the receiver to a specific place but a lifetime of different experiences.

The other benefits of the points scheme employed by vacation clubs is the fact that you can split your timeshare week and take two short vacations in the same year. You can also bank any unused points for the following year, which means you will be able to use a larger or more luxurious unit next time you travel. It also means that you do not lose out if you cannot travel for some reason one year. You can simply save your points.

Vacation clubs also offer great savings to its member on additional vacations and even have discounts on flights. Sometimes you will receive vouchers for local restaurants and services courtesy of your vacation club.

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  1. Janet Cano

    The different profits of the focuses plan utilized by get-away clubs is the way that you can part your timeshare week and take two short travels in that year.

  2. Robert M. Ratliff

    Like timeshare, being a get-away club part sways you to take standard get-aways and you will uncover that arranging your getaways are much simpler and stress free.

  3. Alice McNiel

    The different profits of the focuses plan utilized by excursion clubs is the way that you can part your timeshare week and take two short travels in that year.

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