Sex is often the last thing you want to do at home when you have so much going on, even though you think about it quite often. Demanding work schedule, your children, and extremely late nights seems to interrupt romance, and are main reasons we don’t get as much sex as we would like. Why do we have more sex when we travel to Mexico and get away from our normal lives?


Being in a Different Country
For many, taking a vacation to Mexico means arriving to a new and different country than you are used to; this allows you to relax in a different way than if you were at home. Couples will have a chance to rekindle their romance, and allow you to be adventurous, sexy, and in the mood. If you are single, then meeting someone new is just as adventurous, because you can enjoy sex, without any guilt – and no one will know back home – because chances are you will never see this person again in your life.

Sunny Weather
Sunny weather makes everyone feel happy and more cheerful, and the sun provides our body with Vitamin D. Vitamin D provides our body’s sex hormones that triggers you to get in the mood, and you just feel sexier. This is one of the reasons that when you go on vacation to Mexico where the weather is hot and sunny you seem to have more sex, and you are more spontaneous. Also, vacationing in Mexico you are wearing swimming suits, shorts, and less clothes, which is sexy, because you are showing more skin. Who doesn’t get in the mood for both men and women when they see more skin and flesh, and this will lead you to having more sex.

No Children
We love our children very much, but let’s face it, our children can put a damper on our romance. Taking a vacation to Mexico, and getting away from our kids can immediately spark that romance flame. When you arrive to your suite in Mexico, step inside, and the peacefulness, and just the two of your voices are heard, then you will immediately start to enjoy each other’s company. This is the time to let loose, connect, and enjoy all the sex you want, because you’re not at home. Make up for lost time while you are in Mexico.

Alcoholic Beverages
Mexico is known for its tasty alcoholic beverages such as tequila and margaritas, so make sure you enjoy these alcoholic drinks while you are on vacation in Mexico to get you in the mood for sex. Focus on having fun, and leave all your problems at home. Alcoholic beverages can boost your confidence, and encourage you let loose. When you are wanting to feel adventurous and sexy, then have a drink or too, and it will help you get in the mood with your partner. If you are married, then having a drink or two will relax you, then remove all the stress that has been building up, but if you happen to be single, then when you have a drink or two you will have the confidence to walk up and talk to a beautiful person standing at the bar admiring you.

Interesting People
When you are going out in your hometown, then you always run into the same people, and everyone has the same outlook on dating. This is not exciting, and you probably don’t have sex much either. When you take a vacation to Mexico you will meet new and interesting people of all backgrounds. There are people vacationing here in Mexico all around the world, so you will be able to talk to someone new and interesting and learn about their culture and country. It is just much easier meeting new people in Mexico. Chances are you will find someone that is more your type in Mexico, and you can have sex with someone that has the same interests as you do, which is always a bonus.

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