This blog is, by and large, dedicated to dealing with, identifying, and avoiding timeshare scams; as such it is often the first step for people to come here looking to find out if something is a scam. The thing is, until now, this hasn’t been the place to find out about things that are actually genuine; there is a surprising dearth of reviews when it comes to luxury timeshare products.

As such, I am starting a section on this blog which will provide just that! This particular article is all about the Villa Group Elite Membership scheme… and, firstly, I should let you know; it’s not a timeshare scam!

Timeshare scams – Villa Group Elite Membership Review

The Villa Group Elite membership program is exclusive, but open to all Villa Group owner who are members of the Preferred Access and Club Caribe programs if you purchase sufficient timeshare points. Furthermore, upgrades are available throughout the duration of your membership.

What are the benefits of Villa Group Elite membership?

Villa Group Elite members are guaranteed the VIP treatment when they stay at any of the resorts on offer through their Villa Group membership. From the moment you call the specialist Villa Group Elite call center you will have a thirty-day additional reservation booking window, and a seven-day advance on arrival upgrades. When you arrive to the resort, furthermore, you will also be able to check-in in the comfort of your suite with a bottle of wine when you take advantage of pre-arrival check-in.

Further benefits of this include priority seating at Villa Group restaurants, access to any VIP pool areas, a personalized butler service, and even complimentary WIFI. You will also gain complimentary access to the wet areas and Spas!

How do you become a Villa Group Elite member?

There are three levels to the Elite Membership, and they are bracketed by the number of points it takes to meet the requirements. For example, the first level can be accessed at 5,000 points and is called “four star”. The next level, “five star” comes at 10,000 points, and the final level opens up at 15,000 points.

Still think Villa Group Elite membership is a scam?

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