Vacation to Mexico: Visit Tequila, Jalisco  

Do you know what is one of the most popular alcohol liquors in the world? It is tequila. Tequila is created from the blue agave plant in Jalisco, Mexico. Are you going on vacation to Mexico soon? If so, you should visit Tequila, Jalisco for a day or weekend trip. Garza Blanca Resorts in Puerto Vallarta is a great place to stay if you haven’t booked a room yet. Make sure you visit Tequila, Jalisco, so you can taste tequila that is made in the area. Keep reading below if you are a tequila lover. 

Tequila: The Shining Star of Mexico

Tequila, Jalisco is the shining star of Mexico. The town of Tequila, Jalisco can be found at the base of the Tequila Volcano. People will be wowed by the vibrant blue agave fields found there that is the main ingredient in the tasty liquor. The original inhabitants of the region began making a fermented drink known as pulque using the blue agave plant  in the 1500’s. Some time later, the Spanish arrived in the area, and they started distilling tequila. Santiago de Tequila is what the area was known as in 1530, which Franciscan monks founded. In the year 1541, the native inhabitants decided to revolt against the Spanish. In fact, one monk tried to keep the situation from getting out of hand, but that man was killed with rocks and arrows. His name was Friar Juan Calero. Later, they took his body, and hung it on stones, so that everyone would be reminded of his violent death. Today, tequila is very popular all around the world. The town was named a World Heritage Site, because of its rich heritage.  In addition, the Mexican government gave the town the title of “Pueblo Magico” (Magical Town), too. 

Tequila, Jalisco – Charming Small Town

People that will be on a vacation to Mexico should visit Tequila, Jalisco for a day trip or even for the weekend. There are tequila workshops where you can learn all there is to learn about tequila. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the tequila tastings, especially if you love tequila. Today, there are more than 27,000 people living in the area. During the 18th century, the main Church of Santiago Apostol was constructed. A second popular landmark in Tequila, Jalisco is the Quinta Sauza, and it was constructed in the 1830’s. They have a beautiful outdoor garden that has stone fountains and delicate designs, and you can explore the chapel by entering through the back entrance. 

Streets Tequila Jalisco Mexico

Go On a Tequila Distillery Tour

When you visit Tequila, Jalisco you should go on a distillery tour. An original distillery is the La Perseverancia Distillery that was built in 1873 and currently offers guided tours. While on that tour, you will want to see the impressive Gabriel Flores painting that is displayed there. The distillery has a museum as well that features machinery, pictures, sculptures, and much more. Other top places to visit in Tequila, Jalisco include the Museo Nacional del Tequila and the Museo Los Abuelos. You can get to these places on the Tequila Express train that was created in 1997, so visitors can go on a train tour through the charming town. The train runs every Saturday and Sunday, and you can enjoy live music and drink margaritas while on board, too. 

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