Believe it or not there are plenty of people who are interested in owning a timeshare these days despite the fact that the industry has suffered blows to its reputation in the recent past. Many people are put off because they either don’t get what the fuss is about, or they buy into the scare tactics.

Nonetheless, timeshares in places like Mexico constitute a real investment in your future vacations. Here’s a run-down of the benefits you can expect from a good timeshare;

• It takes the stress out of organizing your accommodations year on year; knowing where you will be staying, and being able to rely on the quality of your accommodation, every year can be a big weight off your mind. It’s also one less thing on your to-do list; just imagine the time you won’t have to spend reading reviews!
• Pay for your future vacations at today’s prices; when you buy a plan with a reputable timeshare provider you can expect that your membership and your timeshare options will grow over time. What will not grow, however, is the cost of your vacation accommodation!
• You get more for your money; when you join networks like RCI or Interval International alongside your timeshare membership you will be able to more easily enjoy vacations across the globe!
• Quality is almost assured when you stay in your timeshare accommodation; these are companies which specialize in giving customers what they need and want, but also in going above and beyond! Furthermore, you will know what to expect when you stay at your timeshare unit!

Above and beyond everything else, owning a timeshare opens up the dream of owning a vacation home to many more people! When you purchase a timeshare you are getting the benefits of vacation home ownership, the amenities of a five star resort, and none of the heavy responsibilities which usually come with real estate ownership.

So what do you think? Are timeshares a good investment?

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