Write a Hotel Review

Write a Hotel Review

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It doesn’t matter if your hotel stay was on point or your hotel stay was a nightmare, you should write a hotel review. When you write a hotel reviews, then you are getting bad experiences off of your chest or rewarding the hotel for good services. One way to share your hotel experience is by writing a hotel review, but don’t forget that writing a hotel review should be done correctly. An effective hotel review will let readers know all there is about the hotel and will help them in choosing the right hotel for their upcoming vacation or business trip. There are several travel review websites to write a hotel review such as TravBuddy, TripAdvisor, and TravelPost. These travel review websites allows you to write a hotel review so other travels can learn important information.

How to Write a Hotel Review

  1. Sharing Information

Sharing important information about yourself such as letting the readers know if your trip was based upon business or if your trip was a personal one. If you would like credibility, then you should let the readers know how often you travel and if you travel alone, with friends, with family, or with your significant others.

  1. Be Descriptive

When you write a hotel review you are letting other travelers know the information about the hotel. You should be descriptive along with informative with all the details that are normally not found on the website of the hotel. Every detail about your hotel stay should be shared. You can include the comments about parking provision, restaurants, room service, housekeeping, kids clubs the spa, making sure only to comment on those aspects that you had first-hand experience of.

  1. Sound Knowledgeable

Anytime you are writing a hotel review you should sound knowledgeable and intelligent. The hotel review should be correct in terms of spelling and grammar as doing this will let readers know that you are intelligent and they will also take you seriously.

  1. Add Photos with your Hotel Review

If the website gives hotel reviewers the possibility to add photos, then you should add them. Adding pictures of the pool, dirty bathtub, and the beauty of the hotel.  Many times the pictures will speak volumes to the readers than the actual hotel review.

  1. Add Location Details

It is always a good thing to add location details. You can let the readers know how much the cab ride is from the airport to the hotel and you can let the readers know where the best shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and any major attractions are at.

  1. Add Amenities

Readers are very interested in the hotel’s amenities. What can they really expect. Your readers are interested in knowing if there is cable television, a great pool, restaurants, a spa and so on.

  1. Talk about the Staff

Letting readers know about the staff is important. If the staff was rude or mean, then you should add that to the hotel review, and if the staff was friendly and helpful also add this. You should provide any information about any staff member that went out of their way to meet all of your needs.

When you write a hotel review you should always be honest and provide your entire experience. You don’t have add details that wasn’t important, but if you were very happy with the hotel stay, then you should recommend the hotel.

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