One of the main reasons that so many scammers flock to Mexico is the fact that it is such a popular destination for vacations, timeshares, and romantic getaways! Sadly it is true that the very things which make Mexico a wonderful place to visit also make it a target for opportunists. Thankfully, we have all the information you will need to identify and avoid such scammers right here.

Airport transfer scams

Airport transportation scams are becoming more and more common in Mexico, and (chronologically speaking), they are likely to be the first scams you come across. The gist is this; they meet people who have pre-booked transport at the airport, and attempt to convince them that they (the scammers) represent the company they have booked with. When the victims arrive at their destination, they are charged by the scammers despite the fact that the victims had pre-paid for their airport transport ahead of time. If you wish to avoid this type of scam you should keep a copy of your confirmation on hand, and check the details against their reservation list and ID BEFORE you get into their vehicle.

Rental Scams Affecting Vacations to Mexico

Rental scams can go both ways…

You can be taken advantage of by phoney renters who never pay or show, or, more likely, those who claim a finders fee for a third party that never arrives. Of course, you could also rent from someone who habitually double books, who doesn’t own the property in question, or who is renting something that’s not habitable. The best way to avoid all of the above is to always go through a reputable rental agency. Check references and do your research online as well to see if any negative reviews exist against anyone you want to work with.

Timeshare scams

Timeshare scams are, thankfully, a dying breed in Mexico these days, but there are still someone tenacious fraudsters who operate on an opportunistic basis. The most common timeshare scams these days are cancellation scams, but the good news is that they’re very easy to dodge. Simply never trust a cancellation business because they’re offering you something you either do not need, or they legally cannot provide.

Credit Card Scams

Credit card scams are unusual in that they can occur both before you arrive and during your stay. You should be wary of insecure websites and payment portals when booking accommodations, but also be careful about giving your details to people when you book attractions. Likewise you should keep your card close at all times; remember that many establishments will have wireless terminals these days so there is no need to let your credit card out of your sight when processing your payment.

So, what scams have you encountered? What’s your advice for recognizing and dealing with scammers? Share the good, the bad, and the ugly in the comments below!

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