How to Avoid a Timeshare Fraud in Puerto Vallarta

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The bad thing about timeshare fraud in Puerto Vallarta is its very existence; the good news is that it is very easy to protect yourself from a timeshare fraud by following some simple advice.

1. Research
The easiest way to check whether you are heading into a timeshare fraud in Puerto Vallarta is to do a little research. Pop into an internet cafe or connect to your hotel wifi and research the timeshare company. Obvious scams will become evident within seconds on your google search results. The internet is also a good place to check to see how long the timeshare company has been operating. The best advice is to buy from a long standing company.

2. Check Street Promoters have ID
When you visit Puerto Vallarta, you will be invited to a timeshare presentation at some point. The promoters inside the airport all have authorization, so you can trust they are the real deal if you are approached before you exit the secure area. Do not trust anyone who talks to you about timeshare in the airport carpark or while waiting for your pick up. Genuine timeshare companies are authorized to operate inside the airport and will not approach you outside.

While enjoying Puerto Vallarta out and about, you may also be invited by a street promoter. Again, these promoters must be authorized by the local government and will have official ID. Beware if you are approached on the beach by someone without official permission.

3. Visit the Resort
Something is “fishy” if you are being sold a time share on a resort that you have not visited. In the past time share fraud in Puerto Vallarta has occurred when visitors were sold bogus timeshare units in non-existent resorts or by using the name of reputable companies which they had no rights to sell. Always be a little suspicious in Puerto Vallarta if you do not visit the resort with the seller and receive an official tour.

Buying during pre-construction can be tricky to tell if the resort will be finished, but you should at the very least be shown the show room. In the case of pre-sale, only do so once you have established the legitimacy of the timeshare operator and know where the funds are coming from to complete the proposed development.

4. Beware Cold Callers
Once you have bought your genuine timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, you are still not completely safe from fraudsters. There are various scams whereby timeshare owners are contacted by telephone, Facebook or email with amazing offers to purchase their timeshare. Most people are likely to show interest if they stand to make a good profit and therefore fall into the trap of paying an introduction fee when in reality, there is no buyer for the property.

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