Although there are many genuine timeshare companies in Mexico, there are also fake timeshare companies that attempt to scam people. The majority of Mexico timeshare owners are satisfied with their investment and thoroughly enjoy regular vacations at the best resorts in Mexico. Unfortunately, timeshare scammers are also out who attempt to scam Mexico timeshare owners and have created fake companies in hopes of convincing timeshare owners that they are a legitimate consulting company. Protect yourself and your Mexico timeshare from becoming a victim by reading the below tips.

New Mexico Timeshare Scams

Most Mexico timeshare scams in the past centered around companies trying to sell non-existent timeshares to new timeshare owners. Today, scammers have come up with a new way to scam existing Mexico timeshare owners from their money. Instead of trying to sell timeshares to people, they now offer cancelling and reselling services to existing Mexico timeshare owners. These scammers may tell you that they will upgrade your timeshare with their company and often ask for an upfront fee to get the process started. The upfront fee is a huge red flag, and it is best to completely avoid anyone claiming to help you resell or cancel your Mexico timeshare.

Timeshare Consultants & False Documents

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) recently released a timeshare advisory warning that fraudulent timeshare consultants are falsely claiming to work with the ARDA. One particular fraudulent timeshare consultant companies called “Resort Consulting Advocates”, has already scammed numerous timeshare owners telling them that they have buyers for their timeshare membership. This manipulative timeshare consultant company went as far to create false sales documents and contracts with a “100% Customer Guarantee”  in hopes of creating confidence in their victim. Sadly,  there was no guarantee, no buyer, and this company only took their victims money, and disappeared without a trace.

Timeshare Resellers: Beware of Fraud

As more and more Mexico timeshare scammers adapt this new scam approach, Resort Consulting Advocates is only one of many timeshare scamming companies pretending to be a  legitimate and genuine company. These fraudulent companies change their company name several times to avoid being caught by the authorities, and to keep genuine timeshare owners in the dark about who they are truly working with. If you are ever contacted by a timeshare reseller, a timeshare cancellation company, or a timeshare rental company, proceed with caution. These are the very type of companies that are almost always ran by scammers. To protect yourself from being scammed, only deal directly with your original timeshare company. Any complaints or concerns regarding your timeshare should be directed to the company you purchased the timeshare with personally.

Scammed? What to do?

If you believe you have fallen victim to a timeshare scammer, you should first contact your  personal timeshare company and let them know what took place. Your timeshare company will then be able to warn other timeshare companies and members so they will not become a victim as well.  In addition, you should contact your local authorities such as the state attorney general and the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. Doing this will prevent other timeshare members from being scammed as well.

Never Pay Upfront Fees

Never, ever pay any upfront fees to any resale companies and you can avoid being scammed. Always thoroughly research the company and you should keep in mind that these kind of services are almost always a scam. You can protect yourself and your timeshare investment if you follow these suggestions.

We hope this article will help you keep your timeshare investment and your money safe by educating yourself about the new timeshare scams.

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