Canceling a Timeshare Directly with the Resort

Canceling a Timeshare Directly with the Resort

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Let’s start with the good news that reputable timeshares abound in Mexico these days and that the need for canceling a timeshare directly with the resort, or otherwise, is less of an issue than it was in the 80s and 90s when the timeshare industry faced fewer regulations. Nowadays the problem is not so much canceling a timeshare as avoiding a cancellation scam! This article is dedicated to keeping you informed about the dangers of canceling a timeshare through cancellation companies and timeshare lawyers.

Canceling a timeshare directly with the resort

When you are in a timeshare presentation and are not sure whether to buy a timeshare or not, some of the thoughts that might cross your mind are: What will happen if I changed my mind and want to cancel the timeshare membership? Will I need to hire an attorney that specializes in timeshare membership cancellations to cancel? What are my consumer rights? Oftentimes, these questions can deter people who would otherwise be very interested in buying a timeshare from committing there and then at the presentation. That is where the rescission period comes in.

Your rights when canceling a timeshare membership

Like any purchase you make, you have consumer rights when you buy a timeshare. The rescission period is one of those rights that not only helps you to feel more confident about buying a luxury product on a whim, but also protects you if you really regret your decision when the excitement subsides. That is, the rescission period is there to protect both the buyer and the timeshare company. Remember that the rescission period is for a limited time only (you will need to find out from your timeshare company how long this is); and just like when you buy something in a store, you can get a refund during that time, but not after. At this time, canceling a timeshare directly with the resort is possible.

Rescission Period Has Expired – Can I Still Cancel?  

Once the rescission period has expired, then you have no legal rights to cancel your membership with the timeshare company. Don’t be lured in by any of the fraudulent companies that tell you that they can cancel your timeshare membership – they are scams. Even those companies masquerading as specialized timeshare attorneys can’t cancel your timeshare membership legally with the resort or the timeshare company once the rescission period has expired. You will be charged a fat check, told your timeshare has been cancelled and left to deal with the fallout when you realize months or years later that the timeshare was never cancelled and you have outstanding fees and legal action against you. If that’s not a scam, I don’t know what is!

Why do people get scammed by cancellation companies?

Cancellation companies like Mexican Timeshare Solutions are very charming and offer you the impossible, and this is why so many people fall into the timeshare canceling scam. To be honest, they just tell you exactly what you want to hear and you are thinking to yourself that they are honest and great people. Remember, anyone that tells you that they can legally cancel your timeshare membership after the rescission period has ended is by all intents and purposes lying to you. It can’t be done!

As you can clearly see, canceling a timeshare directly with the resort is possible, but only if it is during the rescission period time.

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