For many, a vacation in Cancun is an expensive luxury that seems at odds with the current economic crisis. However, a vacation in Cancun does not need to be a spending spree for which you will be paying off the credit card for the next 10 years. On the contrary, there are ways of making your vacation in Cancun much less expensive and even worthy of the word “budget”!

1. Book in Advance
To reduce the cost of your Cancun vacation, you should always plan in advance so that you can get the best deals in hotels and flights. Knowing your dates as far in advance as possible would help to ensure the best prices on flights to Cancun. When you see a cheap return plane ticket to Cancun, you should book it there and then, as it is always sod’s law that the following week when you look for the same flight, it is gone. The other advantage of booking your Cancun vacation in advance is that you can keep an eye open for discounts and deals. For Cancun hotels, choose 3 or 4 that you think are more or less within your budget and then keep checking their websites or subscribe to their newsletter to hear about any offers like 5th night free or kids eat free all inclusive etc.

2. Go in the Low Season
Choosing to travel during Cancun’s low season, which is generally from May through October can save you a lot of money, not only on flights and hotels but also on excursions. You will find that the beaches in Cancun are less crowded and you can explore the Mayan ruins without too many other tourists in your photos. The low season is also hurricane season in Cancun, so do make sure you take out travel insurance that gives you a cancellation refund. Having said that, even in hurricane season you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine and high temperatures.

3. Arrange Car Rental Before you Arrive
Arranging car rentals when you arrive in Cancun will be more costly (especially at Cancun Airport) than if you book on line from home. Again, keep checking websites for deals and make your reservation when there is a special offer. If you make you pick up at Cancun airport, you will also save money on hotel transfers. Renting a car in Cancun can reduce your costs on excursions as you can drive yourself to many of the Mayan ruins and cenotes if you do a little research on the internet and buy a map. The roads in and around Cancun are straightforward and you will find that it is much easier than you imagine to find your way around.

4. All-Inclusive
If you are traveling with a family or you are a big eater or drinker, all inclusive plans in Cancun will save you money, especially if you make an effort not to eat out and organize your day trips around meal times. Many all inclusive resorts in Cancun have special offers that promote children eat free. In those cases you can save yourself money easily. On the other hand, if you like to spend more time out and about, a European plan combining a suite with kitchen facilities will reduce costs as you can prepare breakfast and packed lunches and then dine in your suite in the evenings.

5. Say No to Venders
This is easier said than done! Cancun is full of venders selling all sorts of wonderful souvenirs, jewelry, hats, wood carvings, sarongs and more – you name it, they sell it in Cancun. Like going to the casinos in Las Vegas, make yourself a budget for how much you will allow yourself to spend on non-essential items and you may save yourself from overspending in Cancun. Remember that beach venders are like timeshare promoters, once you show that you are interested, they won’t let you go until you buy!

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