News flash! The Center for Respiratory Diseases has opened in Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta. The medical facility was quickly built due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic. Worldwide, local, and national precautions and mandates have been put into place to protect the health of society. In Mexico, top vacation destination Puerto Vallarta is proud to step up and do its part. Locals can learn more about the Center for Respiratory Diseases by reading below. It is now open to start taking care of patients. 

Coronavirus Update: Center for Respiratory Diseases Opens in Banderas Bay

The latest statistics are showing that Mexico hasn’t been affected to the same extent as other areas around the world. However, there is no proven way to completely stop the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone should work together to reduce the spread. The first Center for Respiratory Diseases opened in Banderas Bay, and the center was constructed very quickly. It is designed to be a safe center to assist sick people with COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases. The center has plenty of ventilators and has been equipped with advanced technology. Banderas Bay top physicians and specialists are available at the center to assist sick people. 

Local Doctors Fastly Respond

The Center for Respiratory Diseases in Banderas Bay was constructed under the guidance of Dr. Amando Joya. Dr. Joya is a respected local doctor along with being the CEO with Grupo Medico Joya. Dr. Joya is currently available at San Javier Hospital in both Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta for consultations, and he has been working one-on-one with SANMARE Healthcare Group since their opening in 2019. The new Respiratory Center can be found next to San Javier Hospital on Blvd. FCo in the Zona Hotelera Norte. The opening of the Center of Respiratory Diseases is a major milestone, both locally and internationally. The center was built to have isolated rooms for patients with intensive care needs. Construction started on March 24th, 2020 and the center opened on April 6th, 2020. Up to eighteen patients can be treated at one time at the center. 

COVID-19 Tips To Stay Safe

People from all walks of life across the world are being affected with the coronavirus and COVID-19. In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, schools, restaurants, hotels, and many businesses have had to close down to stop the virus from spreading. The local beaches and boardwalks have also been closed to keep tourists from coming to Puerto Vallarta on vacation at this time. Any cars that try to enter Puerto Vallarta will be asked to turn around unless they are residents or work in the area. Although there is no guarantee to avoid all risks, you can improve your odds of staying healthy if you practice safe hygiene. It is important that you stay away from anyone that is sick, wash your hands often, and only leave your home for groceries or other essential services. You will have to keep reminding your children to do the same as well. You can go outside to exercise, but only if you stay 2 meters from another person. 

Hopefully, our life that we used to have will resume quickly. Perhaps, our new normal will be even better than it was before. We can all get through this by working together. You have just read the coronavirus update about the Center for Respiratory Diseases opens in Banderas Bay. Let’s keep our community safe by using proper safety precautions, and before we know it Puerto Vallarta will return to being the best place in Mexico to enjoy a dream vacation. When the time is right, contact Garza Blanca Resorts to schedule your getaway. Garza Blanca will continue to be the best place to enjoy a luxury vacation in Mexico.


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