Everyone will likely agree that 2020 has been a difficult year. Have you been hoping that 2021 will be better? You can kick off 2021 off on the right foot with a wellness vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Garza Blanca is one of the best resorts in Mexico where vacationers can be truly pampered. It is the perfect location for travelers that want to soothe their troubled mind and body. Garza Blanca is located in beautiful Banderas Bay, and the climate year round is excellent. As a result, vacationers can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities anytime of the year. The resort is situated on a private beach and they have plenty of open spaces where guests can enjoy different wellness activities including yoga. Read more below to learn about Garza Blanca wellness vacations. 

Garza Blanca Wellness Vacations

One of the top vacation destinations for people who want to focus on their health and wellbeing is in Puerto Vallarta. The great weather and area’s natural beauty is why so many people from across the world love visiting Puerto Vallarta. There, they can relax, decompress, and destress in paradise. Garza Blanca hosts several wellness events throughout the year where they invite some of the top leaders in the fields of meditation, yoga, and sound healing. Also, Puerto Vallarta hosts numerous wellness events throughout the year, too. Yoga classes are available onsite and guests can go hiking along a river near the property, too. If you enjoy outdoor activities, there is hiking, biking, swimming, yoga on the beach.

Renew The Mind, Body & Soul

Along with a variety of fitness and wellness options at the resort, you can enjoy a spa treatment to really be pampered. The adults only Hotel Mousai is located on the Garza Blanca Preserve grounds, which is where Spa Imagine is located on its fifteenth floor. Spa Imagine has breathtaking 360 degree views of the clear waters of Banderas Bay and the luscious jungle of the Sierra Madre mountains. You can choose from numerous spa treatments at Spa Imagine such as restorative treatments, massages, and more that will focus on invigorating your mind, spirit, and body. They also provide treatments that promote a lifestyle that is balanced using natural techniques. You can go on their website to see what spa treatment promotions they are currently offering. 

Healthy Food Options

Right now, you should be eating foods that have plenty of vitamins and nutrients. When your body is being fed correctly, it will build up and fortify your immune system which keeps you healthy. Garza Blanca has some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that provide healthy dishes that are delicious, too. The Blanca Blue is a restaurant that features contemporary gourmet foods using the best locally grown ingredients. Next, Bocados STK Mixology and Grill uses unique flavors to provide healthy and exquisite dishes. All of the main entrées come with a salad and sides of vegetables, which will make your body function better. Also, the Aguazul Beach Bar & Lounge features fresh ceviche, which is light, healthy, and delicious, and they will even deliver it to you when you are relaxing by the pool. 

Garza Blanca – What Is Timeshare Ownership?

Individuals that choose to take time for themselves choose to invest in Garza Blanca timeshare ownership. That way, they always have excellent vacations and save money too by prepaying for future travel at today’s low rates. In 2021, do you want to make your health and wellness a priority? If so, then the timeshare ownership at Garza Blanca is perfect! 

Right now, you should prioritize your health and wellbeing by taking a Garza Blanca wellness vacation in Puerto Vallarta. If you want to enjoy regular vacations that will keep your health a priority, inquire about their exclusive timeshare ownership program, too. Contact them today if you want to book a Garza Blanca wellness vacation. You deserve the best and the best is found at Garza Blanca! 

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