How to Ruin your Vacation

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If you’re tired of the usual “how to…” guides regarding making the best of your vacation then you’ve stumbled onto the best article possible. You see, we know that you know how to have a great vacation, but we figured that what you really don’t know is how to completely ruin your vacation in every way possible, and we’re going to help you do this.


So, if you want to have a truly terrible vacation experience you should follow all 6 of these tips without hesitation.

Don’t Get Insurance!
Getting insurance is a sure way to have a smooth, less stressful vacation because when something out with your control happens, like a hurricane or airline strike, insurance can support you both financially and medically.

If you lose your luggage good insurance will help you to get new clothes until it’s found (if you really want to screw things up you should definitely forget to pack spare underwear and clothes in your hand luggage). Likewise if you need to cancel due to an imminent hurricane, certain types of insurance will even see you reimbursed. If you don’t get insurance you could ruin a large chunk of your year as well as your vacation. So you see, if you want to ruin your vacation you really shouldn’t get insurance.

Lose your passport
If you want to ruin your vacation you should lose your passport. Seriously. Take it everywhere with you, show it to everyone. Put it in your back pocket. In fact you should just throw it away. Literally throw it into the sea and then wait until the day you’re meant to go home before even applying for a new one. Better still lose it before you go. That’ll really mess it all up.

Get Heatstroke
Sit in the sun for hours every single day, drink lots of tequila and no water. Don’t hydrate, ever. If you want bonus points you should be sure to fall asleep in the sun without any sunblock on. And if you do get heat stroke then don’t rehydrate. Tequila counts as water.

Don’t plan. At all!
Just see where the day takes you! Don’t look at what’s on offer around you, don’t check trip advisor and literally book your accommodations without even checking their star rating. If you have kids you should definitely not check if your resort has a kids club.

Drink the tap water
Just do it. You know you want to; it’s like Russian roulette for your stomach.

Don’t research your destination
It doesn’t matter if you want to be in the sunshine and hate sports, you should book that ski vacation in the French alps. And, better still, you should take all your summer clothes with you.

Good research can help you to have a great vacation, you see, by making sure you choose to go to places that offer not only the facilities that you need, but also the activities, foods and landmarks that you’re going to really love. Good research will tell you how much money you’re likely to need, and what kind of security checks or special documents you’ll need at the airport thereby making sure that there are no avoidable hiccups or issues.

And that’s why you shouldn’t do it.

Spend too much
Don’t worry about whether you can afford your vacation! After all it’s a vacation and you shouldn’t worry about it until you get home. Who cares if you’re racking up debt and worrying day and night.

If you’re dead set on ruining your vacation in one fell swoop then you should follow all of these tips to the letter, and make sure that you follow no-one’s advice.

Of course if you’d rather have a nice, family vacation you should probably keep your passports and money safe, have an emergency plan in case there’s a natural disaster, hydrate regularly while you’re in the sunshine and have a look on TripAdvisor to see what’s going to be best for you and your family.

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