Your RCI Trading Power in Mexico is the classification given to your timeshare or fractional ownership property so that you may make like for like exchanges through RCI vacation club.

The term trading power is used for all countries not just Mexico and each destination will rank differently according to the criteria set forth by RCI. In order to ensure that your timeshare exchange is fair using RCI vacation club, the classification or trading power granted to your timeshare unit will depend on a number of criteria such as size of unit, how many stars the resort has, its location, whether it has an ocean view etc.

When you buy a timeshare in Mexico and wish to use RCI for worldwide exchanges, your unit will be assessed and your trading power will be calculated according to RCI criteria. You will find that Mexico ranks well amongst other similar beach destinations for trading power, making your timeshare unit more attractive for swapping, if that is what you wish to do.

In any case, if you know for sure that you want to be able to swap your Mexico timeshare unit through RCI vacation club, it is worth checking out its trading power before buying.