So, you’re planning the getaway of a lifetime: you have the funds, the dreams, the travelling companions, and even an idea of the itinerary… all you need now is the perfect vacation rental. That couldn’t be too hard to find, right? Well, you might be surprised; one traveler’s delight is another’s worst nightmare, and that’s why you really need to talk with your friends and family about what you need from a vacation rental.

Recommendation when choosing a vacation rental

Communication and research are your best friends when searching for the best vacation rental for your needs, but we certainly have some extra tips and hints to help you. Read on for the best recommendations when choosing a vacation rental…

Deal breakers

Your priorities and the priorities of those you travel with will not always match up just so; this is why communication is key. Before you do anything else you have to sit down and think (and discuss) about what it is you really need from this vacation rental. It’s going to be the base and foundation of your getaway so ask yourself what it is that you absolutely cannot compromise on and make sure that these things are the focus. Nailing down these facts will make the rest of the process of finding a vacation rental so much simpler going forward.

Where do you want to go?

So… is there a certain city you’ve been dying to see,  or a particular event you’re looking to attend? If so use this to narrow your search further so that you can begin to pinpoint specific neighborhoods and areas that will work for you for your vacation rental.

Online searches

We know as much as anybody that you cannot believe everything that you read on the internet, but it’s still an amazing tool for research purposes, especially when looking for vacation rentals. Sites like AirBnB and TripAdvisor can help you to plan and get an idea of what is in the area you’re going to visit.

Get an agent

Deciding whether you want to find a vacation rental privately and perhaps save some cash, or hire an agent and save some time is a choice only you can make. It’s all about what resources you have to spare.

Shortlisting your vacation rental options

Narrow your choices by compiling a shortlist of the very best options you have found, and then read reviews on these rental alone. By understanding other travelers experiences you will be able to make an informed decision.

Read your vacation rental contract carefully

Make sure you read your contract back to front before you even consider signing on the dotted line. The fine print is crucial so please read it (we know, we know… boring!) and get an idea of what your responsibilities and expectations should be no matter how amazing it seems.

Make a Deposit and secure your vacation rental

Finally, when you’ve done all of this and you have the perfect rental in mind you should set down a security deposit to make sure you lock it in. To prevent, or deal with, any future problems try to pay this with a credit card so that you have a paper trail. Scammers will push you to pay by wire or in cash so be very wary if someone is insistent on this.

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