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If you’ve been considering investing in a Mexican timeshare, but have yet to make a move we can assure you that you’re not alone! Investing in any expensive product or venture is very daunting, and buying a second home or timeshare property is no different. Obviously you have many options, which is why this website is looking at all the various timeshare groups; starting with Mexico, writing reviews of timeshare products and encouraging readers to add their own reviews in the comments box.

Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas

 Here’s all you need to know about the Villa Group:

 The Villa Group Timeshare – Reputation

The Villa Group timeshare division, you may notice, has an enviable reputation for quality, good customer service and honesty. This timeshare company has earned this reputation over thirty years in the business and continue to ranking highly in reviews of timeshares. The Villa Group Timeshare division has managed to uphold this good reputation throughout the recent economic crisis, and have done so without sacrificing any part of its business ethics or vision for expansion. According to reviews of timeshares, the Villa Group represents reliability, stability and consistency for vacation ownership consumers.

 The Villa Group’s Timeshare Inventory

The wide range of options offered to customers by the Villa Group is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of membership according to reviews of timeshares! The Villa Group offer everything from economy studios to luxury penthouse suites, and even offer the options to try different resorts and locations within the Villa Preferred Access program or through Interval International, so you never feel like your vacations are stagnating!

 The Villa Group Timeshare Programs

The Villa Group timeshare division offers people the chance to buy vacation club membership, fractional deeded products as well as full ownership of property. From the reviews of timeshares, it is clear that the most popular vacation ownership choice is the Villa Preferred Access scheme which works on a points based system that gives the timeshare consumer greater control and flexibility over their vacations, accommodations and spending.

 Locations Offered by Villa Group Timeshare Membership

The real stars of the Villa Group’s timeshare programs, however, are the locations! Each and every Villa Group resort that offers timeshare products has been placed in a specifically chosen place which was selected by experts not only for its beauty and convenience, but for the potential of the area around it. In this way the Villa Group protects your investment from depreciation. At this moment the locations on offer include: Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Cancun, the Islands of Loreto and Riviera Nayarit.

Here are the names of the Villa Group resorts that you will find in reviews of timeshare:

 Villa del Palmar Cancún Beach Resort & Spa – Cancún

Villa del Palmar Cabo Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas

Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas

Villa del Palmar Vallarta Beach Resort & Spa – Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort & Spa – Riviera Nayarit

Villa del Palmar Loreto Beach Resort & Spa – Islas de Loreto

Please leave your own timeshare reviews in the comments box. Ensure that your reviews are of timeshares or locations that you have experienced personally.

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