Your Worst Timeshare Nightmare

Your Worst Timeshare Nightmare

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Are you ready to put a smile on your face? Take a look at a few of the top timeshare nightmares. Decide on your favorite timeshare nightmare story and comment in the comments box.

Say goodbye to your diet

The food that is provided at most timeshare resorts is so delicious that you will be eating more of it than you would normally, which may cause you to gain a few pounds. This timeshare nightmare will see you heading for the onsite gym or joining the aqua-aerobics classes in the pool! What a nightmare!

Prepare to be hungover

The vacation at your timeshare can easily leave you hungover for a week or more if you are not careful. You can drink all the cocktails that you want, but just make sure that you also drink water after each cocktail so you can avoid this common timeshare nightmare.

When your Mother-in-Law Buys a timeshare too

When your mother-in-law buys a timeshare at the same resort that you belong to is a common timeshare nightmare, and more so if she is going to be spending each and every vacation at the same time of year as you do! Be careful who you brag about your timeshare too.

Lobster Feet Nightmare

You know life is tough when you are vacationing at your timeshare resort and you just relax and collapse on the beach with your face planted downwards. If you are not careful you will have sunburnt feet, so always put sunscreen all over your body and on your feet too!

Embarrassing Yourself On Camera

A timeshare nightmare that is often reported is when you are making a fool out of yourself or singing karaoke and someone (who doesn’t these days) has a smart phone and starts to record your antics. There is a trick to this timeshare nightmare, which is making sure everyone is doing tequila shots with you, so you are not the only one that is drunk and being embarrassed on camera.

Romantic Evenings in the Jacuzzi

A common danger at your timeshare resort is spending too many romantic evenings in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Avoid this timeshare nightmare by only staying in the Jacuzzi for ten to twenty minutes at a time, then your skin won’t be wrinkled.

You gain celebrity-like status

While being anonymous has its perks, but you will not be a stranger when you are a timeshare owner. You will quickly see that you are now a part of a friendly and caring family where all the staff will know who you are. This is just a timeshare nightmare that you will have to put up with.

What are your worst timeshare nightmares? Share your timeshare nightmares with us below.

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